Four Ways to Keep Your Beach Body in Shape

 Four Ways to Keep Your Beach Body in Shape

Though many see “beach season” as only a few months out of the year, people that work hard to get their bodies into prime shape take pride in being able to show off their hard work. Having a beach body during beach season is a very attainable goal to reach. If you want to keep their figure throughout the year, there are a few relatively simple tips for you to follow.

1. Maintain a steady and healthy diet. All of the heath food, water drinking and cutting back on calories work great to keep the pounds off your body, but suddenly changing food intake can reverse months of hard work very quickly. Sure, many fruits and vegetables are off season during the winter, but it is still possible to continue eating healthy foods year round. Crash dieting is not the way to go about shedding your excess pounds because most of the weight lost in that manner is only water weight, and will come back quickly.

2. Exercising consistently can keep your body in shape. Walking, skiing, indoor aerobics and even using a stationary bike or treadmill will help. The non-summer months are not as conducive to exercising outside, but this is not an excuse for you to become lazy. Even if exercise sessions are not possible all the time it is important to remain active. One way to keep accountable for these types of activities is to use the buddy system, and exercise with someone when possible. This will keep you both motivated, and can distract from the monotony of working out alone.

3. Do not become discouraged. No matter how carefully you watch your diet, you are bound to have a few setbacks. Holidays, celebrations, and just plain bad days can cause people to backslide but these small missteps are not a reason to give up hope. Setting small and easily reachable goals is a good way to keep dieting, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle fun. For example, buying an outfit one or two sizes smaller for a future date can motivate a person to reach a goal weight or figure between the specific dates.

4. Do not let someone else influence decisions you make about your body. The desire to stay fit year round is your own prerogative, so treat it as such. Having one extra serving of food or a few cookies is not going to ruin any previous progress, so if someone disagrees, it is important to stand firm with your decisions. Ultimately, the results of your hard work and dedication will show via the way that your body looks, but getting there – and ignoring the progress or lack thereof – by those surrounding you can be difficult.

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