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Yoga For Women: Yoga Asanas Concept, Effects, and Rules

Yoga For Women: Just as asanas are useful for men, children and old people, in the same way, yoga is essential for women too. Women have full responsibility of the household. Therefore, it is necessary for them to remain healthy and happy. Women need yoga more than men because they conceive. Takes care of the children. The householder also bears the daily responsibilities of life. Therefore, there is more wear and tear and loss of energy in their body. It is necessary for them to do yoga asanas to fulfil their power.

Yoga Concept For Women

Male society is indifferent towards this. Women don’t even think about it. They consider yoga and exercise useless. They get tired of doing household chores. Out of ignorance, she considers it an exercise. It is necessary for women to get rid of this misconception. Household chores cannot be included in the exercise. They are not done to provide strength to any part or institution of the body, rather they cause fatigue. While yoga asanas provide strength.

In upper-middle-class families, domestic work is also done by servants, midwives etc. The condition of those women is getting even more pathetic. Due to the lack of labour of the body, different types of diseases start to arise.

Yoga’s effects on women’s health

Yoga maintains flexibility in the body. Flexibility is a sign of health and beauty. Flexibility in the muscles of women is even more important so that childbirth can be done easily and without pain. Many institutes have proved this by testing women who practice asanas.

Without a proper diet, women are more prone to diseases. Anaemia is often found in women. Women’s society is badly suffering from diseases like obesity, blood pressure, shortness of breath etc. Yoga is important in avoiding and preventing all these types of diseases.

Women should remove this thing from their mind that yoga asanas cause harm to the body. Yogasana is simple, easy and convenient in building a healthy body for women as compared to other exercises.

Women who are new to practice should organize a program of 15-20 minutes for themselves by practising easy asanas in the beginning.

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Yoga asana rules for women

  • Yogasana should not be practised during menstruation. These days require more and more rest. The practice of Yogasana should be stopped after 4 months of pregnancy. Asanas should not be done for two months after delivery. If you do not feel normal strength even after two months, stop it.
  • Food should be light, nutritious and digestible. Do not eat stale, rotten and excess chili spices and fried-roasted things.
  • It is beneficial to do Yogasana after a bath. It can be done earlier as well.
  • While doing the asana, do the asana by spreading a blanket or thick cloth 3-4 folded on the ground or on a wooden strap. While doing asana, choose such clothes, so that there is no hesitation and hindrance in the asana.
  • The clothes on the body should not be light and tight. Excessive constriction on the bodice and waist hinders the circulation of blood.
  • Keep the mind calm while doing the asana. Keep the mind engaged in the same action.
  • It is advisable to start practising asanas under the supervision of a qualified teacher.
  • The sick person should keep feeling that he is getting stronger in that particular organ due to the awareness of the benefits of the asanas through the use of emotion.

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