Leg Exercises: Top 4 Exercises for Better Looking Legs

 Leg Exercises: Top 4 Exercises for Better Looking Legs

Leg Exercises: Here are Leg Exercises for Better Looking at Legs. Strengthening your legs can be both rewarding and rigorous. Although good old-fashioned running or jogging can seem to bulk up those calves, it can actually cause more harm than good in the long run to only focus on exercise or muscle group. There are plenty of machines that are designed for strengthening legs at the gym, but who wants to spend hours in the gym dealing with all that?

The truth is there are far better methods to gaining muscle and strength in your legs and getting a good leg workout that is effective and safe. Below are my favorite six. You can perform these leg exercises wherever you so choose! Try them all out, but remember that once your body adjusts to a certain routine, simply alternate!

1. Lunges

Good old fashion lunges have always been good for strengthening legs, right? Well, try this exercise out and you’ll never go back to basics. Stand between two chairs for leverage, then space your legs apart significantly, so that you can squat into a sitting position. Once you have done so, squat as deeply as you can, but do not push yourself too far. When you have come down as far as you can, slowly begin to rise back up as you would if you were attempting to stand back up, only as you raise your body back up, stand on your toes. Repeat this a few times before taking a short break (about 30 seconds) to prevent any shock to your muscles.

This exercise may be a little hard for first-timers, but it gives your entire legs, including your calves, a great workout. For a more advanced workout, try adding a Pilates ball to the routine. Hold the ball straight in midair as you do each of your lunges. This exercise will help to build the calves too, unlike your more traditional lunges, which only focus on the quadriceps.

2. Trampoline Jumping

Jumping on a trampoline may seem childish, but it’s a much safer and less harsh way of toning your legs than jump-roping. Jumping on a mini trampoline will offer you some resistance, but unlike jump roping, you won’t have to worry about putting harsh stress and pressure on your feet and ankles in the process. Riding a bike is another great way to strengthen your legs and still avoid causing trauma to your body, because cycling is great for the legs, especially for those who have joint problems.

3. Plyos

Especially good for toning the inner and outer thighs, this exercise is versatile, meaning you can perform it with any intensity you desire. This exercise strengthens your legs without causing stress to your joints too. First, place your legs slightly apart (a little more than shoulder distance) and take a step with one foot forward – with both feet out. Keep both of your hands resting on your hips or on a chair for leverage as you drop your body toward the ground, about 6 inches.

Repeat these movements as many times as you can handle. Ideally, you will develop the strength over time to withstand 3 sets of 30. For the best results, drop toward the ground as slowly as possible when doing your forward-stepping lounges on each leg.

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4. Pilates Leg Extensions

Place a mat on the ground and lay flat on your back against it – with your head and shoulders lifted up as far as you can (without causing any strain). While doing this, a single knee should be pressed close against your chest, while the other leg is raised slightly off the ground and extended outward. Alternate the positions between both legs and repeat. Pace yourself if you are a beginner, but make it your goal to do at least 13 of these sets on each leg with gradual breaks in between.

Each exercise listed above is good for both men and women and should be both simple and safe. Be sure to stretch before and after each of these routines to prevent any muscle injuries though. It is also vital that you do not push yourself to complete a series of these exercises until you are ready. Remember that these exercises are simple but effective, and do not require you to do tons of them; only that you repeat them a couple of times each week, without overworking yourself!

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