15 Best Wedding Make Up Tips For Brides

 15 Best Wedding Make Up Tips For Brides

You will seldom come across a bride who doesn’t fret over her skin, hair, makeup, etc a few days before the big day. It is natural for every girl to want to look her absolute best on her big day. Due to this, brides-to-be are set into panic mode and start trying every trick in the book to ensure they look perfect on their wedding day. If you take care of a few things before the actual day, you can ensure you will come out looking like a million bucks when the time is right.

To simplify matters further, we have compiled a small list of things to do when it comes to bridal makeup that will ensure you look lovely and breathtaking. Here are 15 best wedding makeup tips for brides that will help you look gorgeous and avoid any disastrous blunders you can make.

1) Use Appropriate Skincare products

Pay attention to the season you get married in, if you pick a date in one of the warmer months; ensure you use oil-free products to blot excess oil from your skin. On the other hand, if you decide on a wintry evening, ensure your skin is moisturized and doesn’t look dry and cracked.

2) Dazzle with makeup

Makeup plays an important role to make you look stunning on special days. The fact is you need an extra hand in makeup if you want all your memories to be transformed into stunning pictures. The light and the camera tone down your makeup so it is best you hire a professional makeup artist for the big day.

3) Use an eyebrow pencil

Most women undermine the importance of dark and well-defined brows on their faces. To give a proper definition to your entire face and make your eyes look attractive, highlight your eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow pencil.

4) Use a concealer

To cover the imperfections on your skin, use concealer as opposed to hiding it behind layers of foundation and makeup. Get a different shade of concealer for your face and your eyes.

5) Use proper makeup equipment

When applying makeup, don’t use your hands or fingers. Use a brush or sponge as it is not just unhygienic to touch your face over and again, but it also leaves behind fingerprints and gives an unfinished look.

6) Lash up your eyes

If you have naturally thick lashes, use mascara and curl them up. Don’t fret if your lashes are thin, you can use fake lashes that give a perfectly defined look to your eyes.

7) Choose any drastic treatment a few days before the big day

If you want to try a new hair color, tan, or anything drastic, it is best to test it a month in advance, and if it looks good try 3 to 4 days before the big day. In case anything goes wrong, you have time for corrections.

8) Invest in a good-quality primer

Before you apply your foundation always apply a good primer so that your base makeup stays for a long and will look smoother. Use a separate primer for your eye makeup.

9) Co-ordinate your makeup with your clothes

If you are wearing a neutral-colored dress, opt for a cream blush and light makeup, however, don’t go overboard with the makeup if you plan on wearing dark colors.

10) Apply Blush Appropriately

Blush can look blotched if not applied correctly. To apply your blush properly, smile first and apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks all the way to your temples.

11) Use eye-enhancing makeup

Attractive eyes can tell a lot of stories, so make sure you enhance your eyes with proper eye makeup like mascara, eyeliner, kohl, and eye-shadow.

12) Get the right lip color

Use a bright and luscious lip color that defines your lips. Always use a brush to fill in the color and apply lip balm before you use lip color to avoid dry and chappy lips.

13) Use waterproof makeup

Irrespective of the season, it is best to use waterproof makeup as it lasts longer. In case you get overwhelmed and cry on your big day, your makeup will not run out.

14) Tie your air in a neat bun

Avoid letting your tresses loose as your hair may get oily and sticky and due to this the oiliness may trickle down on your face and ruin your makeup.

15) Carry spare makeup at the venue

Last but not the least, if anything goes wrong with your makeup, you can also fix it if you are carrying spare makeup like lipstick, mascara, foundation powder, blush, etc. Ask your bridesmaid to keep makeup handy at all times so you can touch it up in extreme cases.

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