Top 10 Beauty Tips For The Skin In Summer

 Top 10 Beauty Tips For The Skin In Summer

What’s the most dreadful time of the year? It’s the time when the skin is irritated by mild cleansers and excess oil annoys the host. Incidentally, summer is the time when a good part of your skin is exposed to sunlight, dust, and all other external agents geared to cause damage. Covering might just heat up the skin further but these 10 tips will help you glow in summer.

Use exfoliating agents

If there is any time to fear dead cells, then it is undoubtedly, the summer season. Exfoliation conveniently removes dead cells, hence promoting a smooth texture and eliminating any chances of skin congestion. Use suitable exfoliating gels and masks and apply toners and moisturizers for proper cleansing.

Exfoliation is advised before the use of toners. It might also interest you to know that makeup holds longer on exfoliated skin. So, now you know how to retain the makeup in the summer.

Shield exfoliated skin with SPF

Summer is both humid and dangerous, especially for those who are directly exposed to the sunlight. The very next step after exfoliation is moisturizing. However, if your skin will be exposed to the sun, it’s important to wear a suitable SPF. An SPF sunscreen will prevent damage from harmful rays in sunlight.

Hydration matters

Some exfoliating agents are slightly harsh on the skin while others completely lack moisturizing agents. Besides using separate moisturizers, it is recommended to use toners or moisturizing masks at least twice a week. Remember, hydrated skin is less prone to damage from external factors.

Toners to even out porosity

If you have tried toners in the past for moisturization, let me assure you that they are also responsible to even out skin porosity. Both synthetic and homemade toners are revitalizing and can be applied to facial skin while you are resting.

Take H2O

While external hydration matters, the skin equally benefits from internal hydration. Have you ever felt that your skin feels loose more often in summer than in winter? This is due to the lack of hydration. In summer, you will automatically need to sip more H2O for the sake of your skin.

Apply and reapply sunscreen

In summer, sunscreen protection wears off faster. If you have to spend several hours outdoors, coats of SPF must be applied. During daylight, sunblock must be applied after every two hours.

You must use water-proof sunscreen before swimming. If you love swimming then you must visit the Zoggs website, here you can get the Fashionable and comfortable Zoggs Swimwear, a complete range of swimwear for all swimmers from holiday beach fun.

Soothing exposed skin

Got caught in a sunny spell? Or your sunscreen was not enough? There is always a way to soothe exposed skin. Cooling gels and balms made from aloe vera are excellent soothing agents to reduce inflammation and redness.

Home remedies work wonders

If you lack any professionally made formula for skin soothing, trust me there is always something in the kitchen that might just do the trick. Try home remedies for sunburn with minimum risk of side effects.

Seek professional help

A trip to a doctor after self-examination is a must here. If you have had blistering sunburn, it can double the risk of melanoma. The incidence of skin cancer is not a myth. So, better stay safe than sorry.

Serious repair and treatment

Do whatever it takes to repair the damage to your skin even if it means taking a few days off from work. Exposure to UV from sunlight increases skin pigmentation and speeds up aging. This explains why wrinkles are more prominent in mid-aged farmers. Apply anti-aging repair creams and give your skin ample time for healing.

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