17 Best Autumn Season Fruits & Vegetables With Their Nutrients

 17 Best Autumn Season Fruits & Vegetables With Their Nutrients

Autumn Season Fruits: Fruits and vegetables are the most important part of the healthy food pyramid. Autumn is the season of abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Top 17 Fruits and Vegetables in Autumn Season

Here we share the 17 most commonly found fruits and vegetables; with the best value in price and flavor for the upcoming season.

  1. Apple
  2. Arugula
  3. Broccoli
  4. Brussell sprouts
  5. Cabbage
  6. Carrots
  7. Cauliflower
  8. Eggplant
  9. Figs
  10. Garlic
  11. Leeks
  12. Zucchini
  13. Onions
  14. Parsnips
  15. Sweet potatoes
  16. Pumpkins
  17. Spinach


Apple is the most abundant fruit found in the autumn season. Although they are easy to find throughout the whole year. During the autumn you can find freshly harvested varieties such as Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala and Golden Delicious.


One of the most popular green salad addictions is the Arugula leafy green. Arugula is mainly harvested and grown during the autumn season.


Broccoli, as well as apples, are a year-round crop; also the best taste and price for this vegetable is during the autumn. The taste of autumn broccoli is different from the broccoli harvested during the other parts of the year. The taste is slightly sharper and sweeter.

Brussell Sprouts

Brussell Sprouts is one of the healthiest vegetables and is rich in vitamins C and K and many other nutrients. In addition, it is mainly harvested during the autumn. They are mainly sold on a stalk which is how they stay fresher for a longer period of time.


Cabbage has a high nutritional value and a lot of vitamins and minerals such as Thiamin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. It is known that cabbage gains on sweetness the most when is harvested during the colder period of time such as autumn and winter.


Carrot is harvested year-round, but some of the specific variety is harvested during the fall and late summer. Carrot is the best source of Niacin, vitamin K, and vitamin B2.


Cauliflower is harvested also year-round but also as broccoli is the best in flavor when grown in cold and crisp climates from fall until winter.


Eggplants are known to be harvested during the summer and late summer, but the most flavorsome types of this vegetable come in early fall.


This extremely fragrant and flavorsome fruit is very rich in many important nutrients and vitamins such as vitamins A, K, and E and the second crop season(after the first one in summer) comes in fall.


Garlic is another year-round vegetable but has the best flavor when harvested during the colder times around fall and early winter.

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This member of the onion family is very rich in vitamin K and kaempferol, which is a powerful flavonol that fights cancer and other diseases.


Zucchini has a harvest season from summer and late fall usually. This vegetable is very rich in lutein and is extremely low in calories, 100 gr of zucchini contains only 17 grams.


The main season of this white vegetable is from late summer and fall. Rich in biotin, vitamin B6, and copper is a great addition to many fall kinds of soup and salads.


Parsnip is a vegetable that looks like a carrot and is well known for its nutty flavor. Moreover, it is usually available through late summer and fall.

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes and sweet potatoes have a good storage life-shelf, but mostly this type of vegetable is harvested in the fall. In addition, potatoes and sweet potatoes are very rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin A.


Pumpkins are a very good source of dietary fiber and antioxidants such as beta-carotene and are one of the best fall vegetables and the most famous winter squash. You can bake them and top them with honey or any other sweetener.


Spinach does have a season and it is usually in the season of fall and summer. Spinach is an excellent source of potassium, calcium, and vitamin C.

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