Sexual Performance: 5 Foods That Boost Your Sex Drive Naturally

 Sexual Performance: 5 Foods That Boost Your Sex Drive Naturally

Sexual Performance: A subject that evokes the immediate interest of the male of our species (and women, too!) is that which zeroes in on the things that significantly increase male sexuality. For the average male, the search for testosterone boosters doesn’t require you to look for exotic remedies beyond the kitchen cabinet or the grocer around the corner. A relatively inexpensive and easily available natural libido booster is closer to you than you may realize!

Foods That Boost Your Sexual Performance Naturally

So if you want to boost your sex drive naturally without having to resort to taking synthetic testosterone therapies there are several fruits, spices, herbs, and other foods that are part of our daily diet which can assist you. The most common among these foods are listed below.

  1. Eggs
  2. Garlic
  3. Fenugreek
  4. Bananas
  5. Oysters


Eggs are a part of daily diets the world over. Eggs, ( particularly the ones with organic pasteurized yolks), are a rich source of protein, cholesterol from which testosterone is synthesized, and Vitamins B5 and B6 which go a long way in bringing down stress, one of the causes of low testosterone levels.

Eggs may be eaten in several ways and lend themselves easy to different styles of cooking, but the best way to get results is to have them raw or cooked in olive oil.


Garlic contains a substance called allicin which is believed to help increase testosterone levels. This compound also lowers the effects of cortisol which is a stress hormone. The lowering of the stress factor contributes in no small way to a healthier sex drive. Garlic may be added to the food while cooking but for the best results, the garlic cloves should be eaten raw.


The seeds of the fenugreek plant possess diosgenin, which is one of the common saponins, a chemical compound, which has been clinically proven to be beneficial in improving the overall quality of sexual performance and sexual recovery time. Fenugreek seeds are widely used as a spice in Indian cuisine. They are also easily sprouted and may be eaten thus raw or in salads.


The banana is one great fruit that possesses oodles of energy and sexual hormone-enhancing qualities. The banana has high levels of potassium, Vitamin B (riboflavin), and an enzyme called bromelain. The latter helps greatly in the production of healthy testosterone hormones thus directly stimulating a virile male libido. They are also believed to be useful in revealing impotence in men.

The potassium and Vitamin B found in bananas greatly increase the body’s natural energy level, indirectly contributing to enhanced sexual performance. Bananas are best eaten ripe, in salads, or in milkshakes.


Oysters have long been believed to be one of the most potent foods that help in boosting and maintain a man’s sexual drive. Oysters possess larger amounts of zinc than most foods. Zinc is known to increase the sex drive and help in the production of testosterone and to heighten semen production and sperm count. They also contain a hormone called dopamine which is instrumental in raising the male libido.

In addition, oysters contain other minerals including potassium. Oysters are best eaten raw. They may also be eaten cooked or canned. It is not advisable to eat fried oysters.

A natural testosterone booster has no side effects. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise you could find yourself happily on your way to better sexual health and drive!

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