5 Food Safety Tips

 5 Food Safety Tips

Food safety is something that you should be taking very seriously. You could get extremely ill if you eat food that is raw, spoiled, or otherwise contaminated. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that your food stays safe enough for you to eat.

1. Cook Meat To 140-160 Degrees

Always cook your meat to somewhere between 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure that any bacteria that was in the food has been killed or neutralized. You can make sure that your meat is at the proper temperature by sticking a thermometer into the center of your serving. Thermometers can be purchased at the grocery store for under $10.

2. Keep Your Food Wrapped Up While In Storage

Keeping meat and fish wrapped up while in the refrigerator will ensure that they don’t spoil as quickly. You also ensure that the food doesn’t start to smell bad. Wrapping the food in foil will also prevent any meat or fish juices from mingling with each other. That can contaminate the food and change the flavor as well.

3. Look For Expiration Dates

Check for expiration dates on all perishable foods. Egg cartons, cheese, and deli meats will all have expiration dates on them. Generally, you have about three to five days past that date to eat your food without too much worry. However, you should smell the food and look for any mold before consuming anything that is expired.

4. Use Gloves When Handling Raw Food

The last thing you want is an infectious disease spreading to you from your meat. Make sure that you are handling raw food with gloves on at all times. Using gloves stops you from transmitting any cold or flu virus that may be present in your body. Nobody wants to eat your germs.

5. Wash Fresh Food Before Consuming

If you are eating fruits and vegetables, you should be washing them ahead of time. The folks at your local grocery store are not washing what they put out on the floor. You also have no idea who touched your grapes before sending them off to you. Produce such as carrots and potatoes is grown in the dirt. You don’t want to eat dirt.

Staying healthy is tough if you don’t follow food safety guidelines. Luckily, many food safety tips are easy to follow. Wash your produce, wear gloves, and make sure your meat is warmed to the proper temperature. If you can do this, you won’t have to worry about your food making you sick.

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