5 Shaving Tips for Men

 5 Shaving Tips for Men

When Shaving, it is important that men use both the right products and the right technique. Dependent upon which kind of razor you choose to use, and whether or not you choose to use shaving cream, there is a range of different methods to suit your shaving needs. The following guide aims at providing helpful Shaving Tips for Men.

1. Ensure that your Beard is Thoroughly Wet

To avoid skin irritation when shaving always make sure that your beard is thoroughly wet before you begin. Razor burn can occur when the hair follicles are harshly pulled during the shaving process. Facial hair absorbs water which makes the hair weak, allowing it to be more easily cut.

Professionals recommend that the easiest way to ensure that your facial hair has absorbed the most amount of water possible is to have a shower directly before shaving. In some instances it may not be possible for you to shower directly before shaving; in this case, make sure that you thoroughly wet your beard, applying a warm moistened towel to your face for a few minutes before shaving.

2. Get the Most From your Razor

When using a razor it is important to use the correct technique, to get the most from your shave and prevent any damage to your skin. It is ideal to shave in sections; begin with the sides of your face, followed by your mustache, and finish with your chin. Ideally, use your razor by shaving with the growth of the beard. Shaving against the growth can sometimes produce a closer shave but often results in cuts, inflammation, and ingrown hairs.

3. Use a Shaving Brush

If you choose to use shaving cream, a shaving brush is one of the best tools you can use to optimize the performance of your razor. When applying the cream, shaving brushes push the hair follicles up, leaving them in the perfect position for a close shave. Shaving brushes also remove any excess dead skin cells, helping to promote a closer shave and reducing the risk of cuts razor burn.

4. Change the Blades of your Razor Frequently

When shaving, you are not just cutting the hair on your face, you are also exfoliating and removing up to 2 layers of skin from your face. A sharp blade provides optimum precision, whilst a blunt blade traumatizes your skin cells, often resulting in shaving rash or razor burn. If you have a coarse beard, experts recommend changing the blade of your razor after every ten shaves. However, if your blade becomes dull before this time period, change it immediately to avoid damaging your skin.

5. After the Shaving Ritual

If you wish to maintain healthy skin and avoid shaving rash or dried-out patches, it is important to create a routine that involves After Shaving Care. Upon completion of shaving, the skin is very vulnerable. Be sure to rinse your face thoroughly to remove all excess shaving cream left behind. Continue your routine by applying a gentle facial cleanser to clean the pores of your face and moisture the new layers of skin left behind after every shave.

Rinse the cleanser from your face using cool water, which will help to close your pores, and pat dry with a towel. Do not rub your face to dry it as this is likely to cause irritation. Many men also choose to use an after-shave balm or moisturizer as it helps to repair and soothe the skin.

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