Detox Diet: 5 Signs You Should NOT Start a Detox Diet

 Detox Diet: 5 Signs You Should NOT Start a Detox Diet

5 Signs You Should NOT Start a Detox Diet: There is a lot of talk about detox diets these days. It seems that people from all walks of life are touting the benefits of detoxification, and for a number of reasons. From weight loss to emotional well-being, it appears that detox dieting is where it’s at. But are detox diets really for everyone? Not necessarily.

And it is in your best interest to determine whether or not you really need to undertake a detox diet before you commit to one. Here are five signs you should NOT start a detox diet:

1. You are already underweight

Detox diets can cause you to rapidly lose weight. Although most of this weight loss is due to your body’s expulsion of water weight, it is never a good idea for you to diet when you are not already at a minimally healthy weight. If you are underweight and you wish to try a detox diet, you need to consult with your doctor first, to make sure it is safe.

2. You can’t commit

Detox diets require that you strictly limit your food intake for a specified period of time. If you know that you will be working six days a week and that you will have no way of adhering to a very stringent meal plan, then you should put off your plans to detox until some other time, when you can commit.

3. You are pregnant

NEVER begin a detox diet – or any sort of diet that severely limits your food intake – while you are pregnant. Remember that your baby requires a full range of nutrients, and a certain number of calories, if it is to grow healthy and strong. Pregnancy is a great time to watch the toxins you put into your body . . . but a horrible time to diet. Know the difference, and stay away from detox diets while pregnant.

4. You have a nutrient deficiency

If you have a nutrient deficiency, then you must take special care to get enough calories and nutrients, or else risk serious health problems. Because detox diets are so regimented when it comes to what you can consume – usually only allowing water, vegetables, and fruits – you should discuss detoxing with your doctor if you have a nutrient deficiency.

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5. You just got off a detox diet

Detox diets are not supposed to be a regular thing. The idea is to jumpstart a healthy eating plan by cleansing your system – NOT to stay in a constant state of detox. If your last detox diet just ended, then you should not be starting a new detox diet any time soon.

Detox diets can be a great way to establish new healthy living habits. However, it is not always advisable to start a detox diet. If any of these circumstances apply to you, then you need to think twice before detoxing.

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