Teenage Acne (Pimples): 5 Tips on How to Manage Teen Acne

 Teenage Acne (Pimples): 5 Tips on How to Manage Teen Acne

Teenage Acne (Pimples): Acne (pimples) affects nearly every teenager. It occurs when an oily material known as sebum clogs pores.

Pimples are most commonly found on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Acne may not pose a substantial health risk, although severe acne might leave lifelong scars. Acne can also have a negative impact on self-esteem.

5 Ways To Manage Teenage Acne

Here are the 5 simple ways to manage teenage acne.

  1. Keep your face clean
  2. Hydrate your face
  3. Get an over-the-counter blemish control product
  4. Avoid the overuse of makeup
  5. Free your face

Keep your face clean

Now we all know that this should already form part of your everyday routine, keeping your pores clean and free of possible debris is imperative in the process of reducing the occurrence of breakouts. Use a mild facial cleanser of your choice and wash twice daily, be careful as the skin on your face is extremely delicate and requires only gentle circular strokes to be cleaned properly. Maintaining this process will ensure that your face remains fresh and free of sebum – the oil your skin naturally produces – and other accumulated build-ups.

Hydrate your face

You may think that adding moisture to your face will cause another breakout, but this is incorrect if your face is properly moisturized with a product that is suited to your skin type this will in fact decrease the possibility of your skin overproducing sebum and ultimately reduce the number of breakouts you experience. Look for a product that will both hydrate the skin cells on your face and curb the excess production of oil.

Moisturising comes in many different consistencies whether you choose a gel, cream, or liquid-based moisturizer it is important that you choose the correct one for your skin.

Get an over-the-counter blemish control product

This is especially helpful if you have been exercising a good facial cleansing regime and still had no luck keeping outbreaks in control. If you are unsure about what product to get to best suit your face, speak to the in-store health and beauty consultant they will be able to accurately assess the type of skin you have and the requirements it may need. Remember that results are not always instant and you will have to follow the product instructions to the tee.

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Avoid the overuse of makeup

You may be tempted to hide your scars, blemishes, or pimples using makeup, although this is a great way to cover up should you be required to look your best, it is almost always not a permanent solution to the overall problem you may facing be. So use it sparingly and ensure that you remove it and wash your face as soon as you can.

Free your face

Don’t touch your face, or have your hair dangling in it – the germs and hair products found on your hands and hair can be harmful to your skin and will aggravate frequent breakouts.
With all this said, it is vital that these steps be followed and supplemented with a healthy lifestyle and regular diet.

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