Acne Care: Don’t Let Acne Ruin Your Love Life

 Acne Care: Don’t Let Acne Ruin Your Love Life

Acne Care: Acne is a skin condition that can really put a crimp in your love life and that’s why we need to address the problem so that the problem won’t get in the way.

The Reason Acne Occurs

Acne occurs when a pore collapses on itself and the oil inside cannot exit. It creates the pimple you see which leads to redness and unsightliness. Scientists don’t know exactly what causes the affliction but with research over the decades, they are coming close to the solution. The best candidates for acne are hormonal changes in the body, especially during puberty, diet, stress, or a combination of these and other factors.

The Affect On Relationships

Whatever the source, acne can come at a price that affects the relationships of people especially romantic ones. This often happens in the teenage to late twenties. Not necessarily because of the appearance although it rightly has its place, due to the lack of self-esteem, and depression some young people feel when they are suffering from the condition and in some form of romantic social engagement. Youngsters tease and taunt one another quite regularly and for them to exhibit the effects of acne could lead to sometimes unbearable peer pressure. This is why parents, teachers, and counselors must take into account the probability that kids will be withdrawn if they don’t intervene quickly, especially if they’re of dating age.

Life is tough enough for an awkward teen. Dealing with growth, hormones, education, peer pressure, and more, adding romance to the picture can surely be a recipe for disaster when acne rears its head.

Loved Ones Can Help

A loved one should not be averse to another loved one with an affliction. They should be supportive and helpful. With adults, a bout of acne is remedied with ointments and treatments and becomes a situation of minor discussion with love interests unless the affliction is severe. With young people, however, the teasing of others, and the unsightliness of acne can bring fear and apprehension and bring about the deterioration of a relationship.

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The Deciding Point

If one is in a relationship and acne comes in the door just take it in stride. If a boyfriend is shaky because acne is appearing and he wants a girlfriend who is acne free then it might be a good idea to let things go their separate ways as that kind of a person isn’t going to be someone to rely upon should life throw curves. If they can’t handle a few pimples how will they handle more serious issues? Being together with someone romantically means facing life’s foes not running away from them.

As trivial as it seems acne, especially severe acne has been a problem with teen romances and adults as well. Science is working on the problem but the real treatment starts inside at the heart.

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