All About Electronic Cigarettes

 All About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes? An e-cigarette is an electrical system that gives the appearance of cigarette smoking by generating water vapor rather than chemical-filled smoke. This is a great way to substitute a cigarette for a habitual smoker as they will retain the physical feeling, appearance, and often the taste and even some of the content of a regular cigarette. However, the difference with the e-cigarette is that there will be no stinky tobacco smell and far fewer ingredients than a regular cigarette.

Most electric smoking cigarettes are convenient, self-contained devices the size of a ballpoint pen; although sizes may differ, mainly due to different types of battery capabilities. Many electric smoking cigarettes are designed to appear to be actual smoking cigarettes. Most are also recyclable, with reusable and refillable parts also.

Why use Electronic cigarettes?

The e-cigarette is an alternative to smoking regular tobacco and chemical-filled cigarettes. The e-cigarette will replicate the experience of cigarette smoking without any of the negative aspects which are usually associated with smoking cigarettes. These electronic versions do not have that stinky and lingering tobacco smell, they cost far less than a regular smoking habit would set you back, they do not pose any fire hazards and so much more!

Jasper & Jasper

Jasper & Jasper are the leading electronic cigarette manufacturers and have a wide range of products suited to all smokers from the heaviest to the social smoker. The J&J range is unique in the fact that it gives smokers a real and positive alternative to being slaves to their tobacco habit. No longer will they hear complaints from friends and relatives and be asked to take that foul-smelling cigarette outside!

The modern version of the digital cigarette was created by Hon Lik in 2003 in China although there has been research into this area as far back as the early 1960s.

I want to be healthy!

Think about it, who honestly wants to leave their bodies and the bodies of those around them open to the 4000 chemicals contained within each and every cigarette they smoke? We all know nowadays about the fact that smoking causes premature death, illness, heart problems, respiratory problems, and so on. Now consider this, individuals who buy electronic cigarettes are avoiding exposing themselves to potentially life-threatening and damaging chemicals.

Cigarette smoking is the biggest cause of avoidable fatalities globally. With all these facts now readily available within the public domain, it is no wonder that intelligent smokers are turning to new and different ways of getting their cigarette smoking fixed. This is where the e-cigarette comes in. You might just find that this is one of the best choices you have made in a very long time, both for the health of yourself and your family and also for your pocket!

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