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Quitting Smoking: Tips To Start Journey From Smoker To Non-Smoker

Quitting smoking will never be easy or, at least it will be easier for some than it is for others. Make your journey from smoker to non-smoker as quick and easy as possible by focusing on our top ten tips.

  1. Have a big enough reason for doing it (quit cigarettes). Whether it is for your own health, your partner, your children, or another reason, this will be the primary source of motivation that will help you to quit smoking the easiest. If the doctor has given you an ultimatum, stick it on a wall somewhere.
  2. Throw away your cigarettes; also remove ashtrays and lighters from the home. If you feel you may struggle, perhaps buy electronic cigarettes, so you can get a nicotine hit without filling your lungs with tar. Also Read: Quit Smoking : Are E-Cigs Really Smoke Free?
  3. Set dates and keep a diary. If you are quitting next Saturday, write it down and quit next Saturday. If you are using electronic cigarettes to help wean you from smoking, set a quit date for those, too.
  4. Be positive and approach every day as a non-smoker. Giving yourself the stigma of being “a smoker struggling to quit” is much more likely to end with you smoking again.
  5. Get help from loved ones. It is likely they will be a party to your reasons for doing it, so getting them to support you at each step should not be any trouble.
  6. Know what makes you want to smoke and identify a replacement. It may be that you go around the garden for a walk, or do the washing up instead. Buy electronic cigarettes to help you get over the worst cravings.
  7. Have a no-smoking policy in your home, and in the car, and keep away from smokers at work. Those close to you in these locations will be supportive of your reasons when they know you are looking to quit.
  8. Attend counselling or see your doctor if you think you might struggle. Your chances of staying cigarette free are greatly increased if you have professional help.
  9. Whether you buy electronic cigarettes, use patches, or another method, all are scientifically proven to work. Trying to do it “cold turkey” is highly admirable; however, you will give yourself the best chance by playing the percentages.
  10. With the last point in mind, consider combining methods for quitting smoking. If you buy electronic cigarettes, consider another option, too, such as patches or gum, to further enhance your efforts.

I wish you the very best of luck in your quest to quit cigarettes and smoking for good!

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