Boot Camp vs. Gym Membership

 Boot Camp vs. Gym Membership

With summer approaching, many people are considering getting in shape for swimsuit season. Everyone wants to look great when the time comes to hit the beach. Two popular solutions for getting in shape are purchasing a gym membership and joining a fitness boot camp. Each of these options has aspects that are great. Each has drawbacks as well.

Pros of Boot Camp

The group character of a boot camp is the most obvious way that it differs from working out at a gym. In a typical boot camp, groups of people work out together. They follow an instructor, sometimes fashioned after a military drill sergeant, who tells them to perform a variety of exercises. The team element can be motivational for many people. It also makes it very easy to meet others. The instructor can correct exercisers as they work out, preventing mistakes and improving safety.

With a gym membership, each person works out either alone or with a partner. Though most gyms offer classes, these tend to cost extra. It is more difficult to meet people, and the lack of a team may be less motivational. Also, people who do not have a large amount of experience with exercise may be confused by the wide variety of equipment available at the gym.

Pros of Gym Membership

The individual character of gym workouts does have some advantages over the group character of the boot camp. A boot camp workout uses the entire body, so someone with bad knees or a sore back may not be able to participate. In the gym, even those with injuries are likely to find plenty of exercises to suit them.

Also, the social character of the boot camp may not suit everyone. Some people do not enjoy socializing and exercising at the same time. For these people, exercise is almost a form of meditation, and is something to be enjoyed quietly. A gym membership is a better fit for them.

One area where gyms have a big advantage over boot camps is convenience. Most gyms keep long hours, so a person can work out whenever it fits their schedule, rather than whenever the boot camp meets. In a typical city, there are many gyms but few boot camps. This means that some people may have a long drive if they wish to attend a boot camp. The flexibility afforded by a gym membership is a big plus for those with a busy and unpredictable lifestyle.

Gym memberships are also generally cheaper than boot camps. The price of a boot camp may cost more than an entire year of membership at a gym. With a gym membership, a person can pay for individual months if they desire, canceling the membership if they can no longer exercise due to injury or other issues. So if money is an issue, a gym membership is the superior choice.

In conclusion, gym memberships offer more convenience, a lower price, and a more individualized experience, while boot camps offer more supervision, a more social atmosphere, and more motivation.

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