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Health Drinks: It is very important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to stay in good shape and stay fit, away from weaknesses and diseases. The key to a healthy and happy lifestyle is to follow a healthy eating habits and do exercises regularly. Eating the right kind of food, at the right time is very important. Only then can it make a completely balanced diet. It is also important to consume foods in hygienic conditions. Roadside foods and fast foods are best avoided. However, only solid meals do not make for a complete meal. Water and fluids are a necessary part of the diet. This is because solids do not always fulfill all the nutrient requirements of the body.

For this reason, the inclusion of fluid foods like juice, milk, and other healthy drinks is recommended by health experts and doctors all the time. Just like water is important in our diet, healthy drinks also have their place in a good diet.

Health Drinks

Health drinks are of different types. Milk can be considered a health and energy drink. Milk, as we all know is a great source of essential nutrients. If milk is taken regularly, in the morning or before retiring for the night, it can keep you in great shape.

Milk is extremely essential for babies, kids and aged people. Milk can be made healthier if one mixes it with grounded almonds or other nuts. However, that is not very advisable if you are trying to trim down your excessive fat. Honey and tulsi leaves mixed with milk is very helpful during time of cough and cold. Milk is one of the best health drinks that can be drunk hot or cold.

Healthy drinks are made with fruits as well. The bountiful nature has showered us with so many kinds of fruits all of which are high in minerals and other nutrients. Fruit juices make for great health drinks. Even the juice of some the vegetables like carrots and spinach are considered drinks for good health.


Taking a glass of milk early in the morning with breakfast or the night before going to bed makes for a healthy eating habit. Today the problems of diabetes and obesity are growing at alarming trends. These only point out poor food habits and lack of proper exercise which aggravates the problems. Milk is said to be one of the best foods that is a pool of good nutrition. Milk is one of the most popular health drinks that has all the nutrients to keep you going with full energy for the rest of the day.

Low-fat milk is a great option for the ones trying to lose some extra kilos. Milk stores all the important minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium and vitamins A, B12, and D. Treat yourself to a glass of milk every day and forget about sweating it out on a treadmill to stay healthy. Follow it up with Salsa instead! Fitness experts say one does not really need high-tech powders or supplements to build muscles. Our age-old health drink does the job. Milk as a health drink thus has a way to go.

To kill the tiredness after exercise it is important for a protein supplement for the muscles to recover perfectly. Milk has just the right kind and amount of protein and a treasure of other such nutrients to charge up in minutes. The importance of milk does not end at this. Milk is a great source of calcium and other nutrients that makes the bones strong and stimulates growth in kids and who does not love Chocolate milk? It is a favorite with athletes too who find it extremely helpful after a hard workout. With its high content of carbohydrates and protein, chocolate milk serves as a great alternative to sports drinks. What’s more, milk is also the secret to beautiful shining hair. So what are you thinking about, grab your glass of milk-the powerhouse of nutrients and keep healthy and happy!

Energy Drinks

To stay fit and energized all through one needs to maintain a healthy eating habits. However, for the ones looking for instant energy, there are these popular energy drinks. Energy drinks are healthy soft drinks that are marketed as health drinks. These drinks provide instant energy hence the name energy drinks. The energy drinks contain a mixture of methylxanthines (which include caffeine) plus Vitamin B complex, as well as a number of herbal ingredients. Some of the other commonly used ingredients in these drinks are guarana (guarana plant extracts) or maltodextrin, carnitine, inositol, creatine, ginkgo biloba and glucuronolactone.

Some of these energy drinks also contain sugar while most of these brands use artificial sweeteners. The most important ingredient of energy drinks is however caffeine, the stimulant that is found in beverages like tea or coffee.

These energy drinks are mainly aimed at youngsters on the go. These are a big hit with sportspersons and active ones and are also called sports drinks. However, energy drinks are not very advisable for people who suffer from epilepsy because the sudden rise in energy after the consumption of an energy drink may upset one’s health badly. France banned the energy drink Red Bull after an athlete died after consuming 4 cans of it. Britain has issued a warning against it for pregnant women. Excessive amounts of sugar have been found in these energy drinks. Some of the popular energy drinks are Rockstar, Monster, and Hulk. These have a high tendency to increase diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus is more common among energy drinkers.

The energy drinks are thought to have originated in the form of Iron Brew from Scotland in 1901. In Japan, these drinks date back to the 1960s with the first one being Lipovitan. These drinks called “genki drinks” in South Korea are mainly made for employees who work for long hours.

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