Childhood Obesity – How To Help Your Child Lose Weight

Today’s world of fast living and fast foods poses a threat to the health of children. Research shows that childhood obesity has many serious negative impacts on development and affects health in later life. Moreover, facts show how in recent years it is on the rise.

Help Your Child Overcoming Childhood Obesity

With so much worrying information out there, parents must find ample ways to promote a healthier lifestyle to their children. It is not easy to encourage kids to eat healthier foods and exercise regularly. And since children lose interest easily, the activities must be fun and interesting to motivate them.

So, to help your kids remain healthy in both body and mind, you might look for alternative and fun ways of tricking your kids into a healthier way of living.

The Green Initiative

Incorporate as many fruits and veg into your child’s diet. Even though they are kids’ worst enemies, you can increase children’s intake of healthy greens by making them interesting. You can make colorful juice out of most organic produce that tastes great, and by juicing them raw you also retain their natural health qualities.

Another great way of getting children to eat fruits and veg is to be creative and make funny snacks. Draw faces on peels, or incorporate cutting techniques and combining different sorts to make eyes, teeth, or limbs.

Are You Nuts?

Nuts and seeds can make great alternative snacks. Nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts contain healthy oils that burn fat and are rich in protein which helps develop muscles. By toasting them you accentuate their taste and make them crunchier which children find great. Shelled pumpkin and sunflower seeds are also great since the entire process of peeling them appeals to kids.

Go With the Flow

Liquids are essential to human beings. Water and other fluids help in removing toxins from the body and keep it hydrated. By increasing liquid intake you help the body burn fat quicker and trick kids into being full. However, store-bought juice is unhealthy as it contains high sugar levels, preservatives, artificial coloring, and other unnatural materials. So, to increase your children’s input of fluids always go for natural drinks.

Water, tea, homemade juice, and lemonade, all are beverages your child can drink. And by pouring them in colorful glasses and cups they will learn to love them.

Lunch Time

Pack your children’s lunch for school. This is important since you will have absolute control over what your kids eat. And since most cafeterias serve food rich in fat, sodium, and sugar, you can prevent your child from taking in all those negative materials. Just remember to make it tasty and interesting to their eyes.

Fun and Sports

Exercise is also necessary in making your kids healthier, and getting your kids involved in sports is a great way of incorporating it into their lifestyle. Sports provide ideal physical, but also mental development in children. Team sports help to create a competitive nature and develop social skills. The best individual sport is swimming, since it improves the development of almost all of the body’s muscles.

It’s a Beautiful Day

Getting outside whenever possible is a great family activity and an ideal way for children to receive their required exercise. Not only that, but the fresh air and higher levels of oxygen help in brain development and physical fitness. You can do this by going hiking in the mountains or on bicycle rides, which are great for the entire family.

Another fun way to get your children outside is to organize outdoor games, such as scavenger and treasure hunts, jump rope and hula-hoop competitions or neighborhood races.

Jump into Fitness

You can also trick your children into getting their required exercise with fun activities like trampolines. Through play, kids can exercise their muscles, and lose weight since 10 minutes of jumping on trampolines equal 30 minutes of running. By taking them to party venues for kids, children can bounce around, have fun and stay physically fit.

Involve Them

Involve your children in your exercise routines. By making it a way to bond and have fun, you can get your child to exercise with you. Basic warm-up and stretch exercises in the morning are ideal for this, as they don’t take too much time and help children work out before a long day at school. You can also get them interested in yoga since yoga balls are a fun backdrop for kids to stay active.


These are just some of the things you can do to promote a healthier and more active way of life for your kids. Maybe they won’t always be up to it, but by making it fun and interesting you will be able to trick them into healthier eating and exercising. In doing so, they will have an amazing time and remain in great physical shape.

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