Dental Essentials : Asking About Dental Records

 Dental Essentials : Asking About Dental Records

The days of trying to manage paper patient files are over. Managing dental patient records has never been easy and there is a host of easy-to-use software available now that can help make this arduous task a snap. Everything from calling up previous visits to billing is handled with ease. Read on for some more information on managing dental patient records.

The need for reliable software is key to both patients and clinics. There are some cases when a patient will want to see what is on their billing history, and they often want to make sure that they have a record.

This is why the software that is used at any clinic should be up to date and should include reliable tech support, since the billing method and software may help protect the clinic from claims that a patient might make about being double billed or charged for services that they did not expect or didn’t even have done for them.

Patient history

It used to be that finding patient history meant digging through loads and loads of paper, all scrawled with a dentist’s messy handwriting. Fortunately, now patient history can be called up on screen in an instant, all laid out in an easy to read format that is fully sortable and searchable.

This makes providing high-quality patient care easier than ever and guarantees that nothing will be overlooked simply because it could not be located. Patient history is perhaps the most important part of a patient’s records, and easy access means better care.

Billing history

Comprehensive software designed for managing dental patient records also makes sure that the billings process is simple and direct. Much like patient history, billing history can be searched and sorted to help both dentist and patient ensure that billing is both current and accurate. No one likes to be confused about the financial side of their health care. Software today can help avoid that confusion.


The most important aspect of modern software sued for managing dental patient records is that it is comprehensive. Clinics no longer need different software for billing and different software for patient history. Everything is centralized into one system and one program, making it easier than ever for dentists, patients and assistants alike to have a easy and quick access to the information they need.

There are many different programs available but it is clear that to remain competitive as a business, any dental clinic out there needs to implement some form of modern software. If a clinic is still keeping paper records, it is wasting valuable manpower and worse, could truly be putting a patient at risk by not having all the necessary information available at the fingertips of the dentist.

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