Doctor’s Day

 Doctor’s Day

Doctors are considered the superheroes of our lives. They do not fight for us on the border, but they fight against the disease. And saves our live servers and serves them all during the day and night. Sometimes don’t even get enough time for their own life while helping us. They contribute highly to raising the country’s economy and life expectancy. However, a day is formed to celebrate and initiate the contribution of the doctors in the nation. It is believed that doctors are the “Heroes without the cape”. Doctor’s day is celebrated on March 30 worldwide to encourage doctors’ contribution to saving our lives. While during COVID – 19 pandemic, various doctors have lost their lives while helping their patients. Whenever this kind of situation strikes any country, doctors are the first to fight against them without thinking. They work for the overall being of citizens of the nation. 

The prime motive of doctor’s day is to appreciate all those doctors who have been working for a triple long time. Doctor’s day has been initiated since, and since then, it has been celebrated to show the nation’s gratitude towards doctors and the medical servant community. Dr Crawford W. Long started the idea of doctor’s day. Since that day, all the countries have honored the doctors for their excellent work by celebrating doctor’s day. 

History Of Doctor’s Day

The introduction of doctor’s day came from women in Georgia. Endura browhoseho’s husband was a doctor in Georgia. She talked about the problem of lack of recognition. She wanted the nation to show more gratitude to the doctors who served the people with their hard work. She took it as a challenge and tried to provide recognition in the society. And after that day, doctor’s day became a global event. This incident occurred on 30th march 1933, and after that, it became an important day in the history of the world. The nation comes together in remembrance of the doctors who lost their lives and in honor of doctors working for the health and well-being of the country’s citizens. 

Various programs are set up to encourage a doctor to work and appreciate them for their excellent work. Till 1952, it was not considered a legal holiday and was celebrated as an ordinary day. There is various organization that organizes multiple carnations for the doctor. However, the concept of commemorating doctor’s day is different in all nations as doctor’s day celebrations will provide an opportunity to meet and see those doctors who have been an integral part of our economy. However, some countries like Spain, Cuba, and Argentina celebrate doctor’s day on December 3, while India celebrates it on July 1 in remembrance of Dr B. C. Roy.

Doctor’s Day Around Countries

  • Canada
Country  Canada 
Holiday  FND awareness day 
Occasion It is celebrated to raise awareness against functional neurological disorders.
Date  April 13 
  • Russia
Country  Russia 
Holiday  International Day of the doctors 
Occasion To celebrate one of the most honored and respected profession 
Date  First Monday of October 
  • South Africa
Country  South Africa 
Holiday  Pregnancy awareness week
Occasion This is celebrated to raise awareness regarding pregnancy and provide enough measures to tackle pregnancy problems.
Date  10 – 16 February 
  • India
Country  India 
Holiday  National deworming day 
Occasion It is celebrated to spread awareness about the intestinal worms inside small children’s stomachs.
Date  February 10
  • Vietnam
Country  Vietnam 
Holiday  Doctor’s day 
Occasion It is celebrated to encourage doctors for their service to the nation and the citizens.
Date  February 27

The Tradition Of The Day

This day is to celebrate the occasion and the service of doctors to the nation. Setting up some programs is not enough to show our gratitude; we need to remember them every day for their greatness towards society. Various people who are part of the medical field before sending special notes to their doctors weave ever saved their lives. 

Doctor’s Day Date in 2023 and 2024

Year  2023
Day March 30 
Date  Thursday 
Year  2024
Day  March 30 
Date  Saturday 


Doctors are considered a critical cal part of society. They serve the nation with the help of their knowledge, and the training day is a tribute to the doctors. Various seminars and programs help across the world to congratulate and encourage doctors in the regions. The WHO (world health organization) organizes and nominates them for their excellent work. 


1. How do people celebrate doctor’s day?

Ans: Every person has a different way of celebrating doctors’ day. Some celebrate it by attending and organizing programs, while others visit the grave of deceased doctors. Doctors are a precious asset for any country, so we must appreciate their hard work with our gestures. 

2. Why is international doctor’s day celebrated?

Ans: Doctor’s day is celebrated to appreciate doctors all around the world. TVarious countries did celebrate their doctor’s day. At the same time, some nations name it differently. In India, it is celebrated on July 1the remembrance of the chief minister of west Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy.

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