Eye Donation Fortnight

 Eye Donation Fortnight

Eye donation fortnight is a day-long event from the 25th of August to the 8th of September. It is held every year all over the world. The eye donation fortnight is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of the donation of eyes. It encourages people to come forward and contribute to the mass occasion. Many people want to give their contribution. However, they pledge to donate their body parts once they die. Later after the demise of the family presents that part as the last wish. Nowadays, people are encouraged to donate their body parts and help others for a better life. Various organizations have been working on the welfare of the people for a long time. 

Various people have lost their eyesight or eyes in accidents or mishappening. It is among the most seen healthcare problems among youngsters and adults. Blindness leads to a tough life, and eye donation is the only solution to this rising problem. Various organizations such as WHO ( world health organization ) have been working to help people to overcome the problem of eye blindness and continuously motivating people to donate their eyes. It is believed that corneal disease is the primary reason for 6 % of blindness in the world. 

Due to a lack of exposure, people need to be more educated about this procedure. However, eye donation fortnight will help us to gain knowledge and help in understanding the importance of eye donation. Usually,s observed that people above 50 are more likely to experience eye blindness. At this stage, the tissue of the eyes starts retarding, so it is necessary to take appropriate precautions to save yourself from eye blindness.

The Theme of Eye Donation Fortnight 2022

The theme of eye donation fortnight 2022 was ” the joy of giving – donate eyes “. Various people are suffering from various eye blindness diseases. However, every person can’t perform eye transplantation the reason the lack of a donor. This is why eye donation fortnight is celebrated worldwide so that more and more people become aware of the importance of eye donation. Various people are not mindful of the importance of eye donation, and eye donation fortnight will help them to motivate in this issue.

Types of Eye Blindness

There are mainly four types of kindness. However, reasons may differ, but the main types of blindness will be categorized from these only. 

  • Retinitis pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa is caused due to transmission from parents. It is a genetic disorder usually caused by birth inside the child. Due to this problem person can experience partial eye loss during the night and color blindness is also the categorization as retinitis pigmentosa. It is seen in small children or teenagers. People must understand the causes and its effect on the body as the person can face various issues while watching.

  • CVI

CVI, or cortical/cerebral impairment, is considered the most serious and widely caused vision impairment. It is a much more complex disability. There is some impairment in which the whole sight gets ruined. Some people even experience complete blindness in sudden light or rays. It is the most severe stage of blindness. It is one of the most spreading blindness among children nowadays.

  • Retinopathy of prematurity

As you can imagine from its name, it is the blindness that is caused during the child’s early period inside the mother’s womb. Retina gets detached, which results in bleeding or shattering. It can be examined from birth with the help of various eye tests. It can be detected and treated partially with the use of surgery. It is quite impossible to treat it completely. 

  • Macular degeneration

It is also one of the most causing eye impairments seen nowadays. It is also quite serious. Adults usually experience it, which causes dryness in the eyes and Can treat Macular degeneration with the help of regular visual exams and screenings.


Eye donation fortnight is a significant occasion for people because it helps to raise awareness about eye donation. People need to learn more about eye donation, which will help them regain all their knowledge. The people can pledge to donate their eyes after their death. And everyone should contribute to this great occasion.  


1. Why should I donate my eyes?

Ans: Eye donation is considered a charity and a noble cause. Usually, people help each other by donating their eyes. Various people pledge about gelation after their death. And once they die, their eyes will be donated to those needy. By contributing in the eye donation process will help the other person as they can see the world with their own eyes.

2. Does eye donation disfigure the face?

Ans: There are no such cases of disfigurement of the face in the process of eye donation. All the operations will be done on the eyes and later covered with the eye cap once the eyeball is removed. The method of eye donation is only concerned with the eyes. It shows no impact on the other parts of the face.

3. How quickly should eyes be removed from the dead body after death?

Ans: There is some restriction for the removal of eyeballs. If there is some delay in removing eyes, they will eventually be dead and left for no use. It is believed that the eyes should be drawn within 7 – 8 hours after the person’s death.

4. Who can be an eye donor?

Ans: There is no specific requirement for eye donation. Any person can donate their eyes as per their want. However, there is no connection between age, gender, or sex eye donation. People think if you’ve short or long eyesight, then there are chances that they cannot donate their eyes. As it’s not true, even if you have low vision or partial sight, you can still donate your eyes if you want.

5. What is the condition where one cannot donate the eyes?

Ans: There are some specific conditions in which the person cannot donate their eyes. There are chances that someone with diabetes, AIDS, hepatitis, tetanus, malaria, etc., cannot present their eyes. However, the reason behind it is that there are chances that these diseases can be transmitted from the donor to the patient during eye donation. All of the above conditions are applied while surging to eliminate these problems. 

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