Emotional eating: What you should know

 Emotional eating: What you should know

Do you feel that your body isn’t perfect? Do you feel depressed when you think about it? Do you always go into their pantry rushing through them because they feel a bit depressed?

The comfort in consuming food can be found. People whose emotions affect eating often reach for their own food to calm and suppress their emotions. They may feel guilt or shame when they eat that way, leading to excessive eating.

Some people who have a negative image of themselves, drown their sorrow in emotional eating. It appeases them for a while.

The Difference Between Emotional Hunger and Physical Hunger

But, in reality, emotional eating leads to a vicious cycle. The more you eat, the more weight you put on. The more weight you put on, the worse your impression of yourself is. The worse your impression gets…… It’s an endless cycle. Get the picture?

This is why modern theory focuses on the mind rather than the body. It is the mind that should be in control. When the mind is convinced that only the anorexic slim look is beautiful, it starts looking down upon its body. This is where the problems begin.

It is imperative that we understand that each of us has a unique constitution. And it is important to accept and love ourselves in totality. Even the way we are built. After all, who is to dictate that anyone’s weight or size is the perfect one?

The moment you accept yourself, you start feeling better. You will have a positive body image. You just have to keep yourself as fit as possible. This is infinitely easier than combating a negative image.

Support Yourself With Healthy Lifestyle Habits

You only need to get fit to keep healthy. Not to have the most svelte of figures. If you don’t have the most perfect of bodies, it’s quite alright. You’re you – and that’s the best way to be.

  • Don’t go to war with your body. You’ll lose one way or the other. Even if you manage to reach the ideal weight. Don’t trade health for ideals.
  • Train your mind to move away from ideal body sizes and towards size acceptance.
  • Accentuate the positive things about yourself. Reinforce your plus points to yourself. People don’t come off the factory line. They come in various sizes and shapes.
  • Ideal weight is not a quarter as important as a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exercise sensibly. Don’t go overboard with the demands you make of your body.
  • Don’t ever starve yourself. It just doesn’t work out. Eat three sensible meals a day. But do have well-balanced meals. Eat plenty of fibre and vitamins.

Alternatives to Emotional Eating

  • Give up bad eating habits. And don’t miss out on meals.
  • Don’t head towards the kitchen or the refrigerator if you’re upset. Go for a walk or drink plenty of water. Do not soothe yourself with food.
  • Stress does cause a craving for food. Resist it if you can. Or go in for harmless food like fruits and salads.

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