10 Ways To Cut Down Cellulite

 10 Ways To Cut Down Cellulite

It affects more than 90% of females (and 12% of men) but although it may not disappear completely, it will improve their appearance. Ah, cellularity. Similar to stretch marks hard to remove and other common body hangups, this condition is common and can result in many people experiencing very unneeded emotions.

However, while this may not seem to be new news to everybody it should remind you that this condition really does happen as an everyday condition. Depending upon the specific distribution of tissue fat in the body.

10 expert tips to cut down the Cellulite

Here are 10 expert Tips from dermatologists and nutritionists to get rid of cellulite.

  1. Brush away the urge
  2. Turn in instead of giving in
  3. Steep into the evening
  4. Grab a magazine
  5. Carry a pen
  6. Talk yourself thin
  7. Dial a friend
  8. Be your own coach
  9. Reward yourself

Brush away the urge

If after-dinner munching is your weakness, brush your teeth immediately after dinner. This acts as a signal that your eating is over for the day. Toothpaste also alters the flavour of food, so it doesn’t taste so good.

Turn in instead of giving in

To beat those late-night cravings, go to bed a little earlier. Don’t stay up late until you feel hungry again.

Steep into the evening

Feeling tired after work and anticipating the evening’s chores can make you anxious, and tense, and head straight for the refrigerator. Instead, fix yourself a cup of tea. Then relax on the couch for about half an hour. Then get to work. You feel relaxed and it keeps you off the munchies.

Grab a magazine

Whenever the craving beckons, pick up a magazine or newspaper. Read. If you still feel hungry after 15 minutes, then eat. You will find that most of the time, you will read for an hour or so and not even realise it. And by the end of that, you’re not even hungry anymore.

Follow the beat. Bingeing could be your way of dealing with a work crisis, a fight with a loved one or anything else that makes you feel bad. Instead of heading to your usual fast food place, try a salad bar and then the gym.

Carry a pen

Instead of turning your stress into feeding, try writing about it. You will find that your desire to eat is gone. Keeping a diary can be a no-cal stress buster.

Talk yourself thin

Announce your intentions. You will find that the support you get will be unbelievable – support from your husband. family, friends, co-workers etc.

Dial a friend

Whenever you feel like eating, call a friend. Make her talk you through it and stick to your plan.

Be your own coach

Remember, Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” You have to think like a winner to become one.

Reward yourself

Celebrate every victory. Every time you reach one of your goals, reward yourself with a massage, a bubble bath, or a book, not a heavy lunch.

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