Eye Health: How To Properly Care For Your Lenses

 Eye Health: How To Properly Care For Your Lenses

The majority of people with eye-sight problems today choose lenses over glasses. If you are wearing lenses, you probably know the most common problem that occurs with them is an eye infection.

There are many factors that contribute to the occurrence of such infections like prolonged wear of lenses, poor eye hygiene, and bacteria. The risk of infection varies on the type of lenses. The lenses that are the least exposed to infection are the daily disposable lenses. The longer the eye lens life, the more bacteria it can catch.

6 easy ways to take care of your contact lenses

Hygiene and proper lens care are extremely important for good eye health. Here are some tips for good lens care.

  1. Always touch your lenses with clean hands previously washed with soap and water. Touching your lenses with dirty hands can cause the spreading of bacteria and eye infections.
  2. Don’t use water to clean or rinse your lenses or for any other reason for example before going in the pool etc.
  3. Replace your lenses regularly according to the time they expire. Do not wear one-month lenses for 2 months.
  4. Never store your lenses in water but always in lens solution. Water can damage soft lenses.
  5. If your lenses are damaged or infected with bacteria do not put them in solution or try to clean them. Throw them right away.
  6. Take care of your lens case and replace it every 3-4 months. Lenses can spread different kinds of bacteria and cause infection.

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