Healthy Foods To Eat For Better Teeth

 Healthy Foods To Eat For Better Teeth

Healthy Foods For Better Teeth: Everyone knows that sugary foods can cause damage to your teeth. Other foods stain your teeth or make them yellow over time. But did you know that some foods are actually helpful for your teeth? By eating certain healthy foods your teeth could be whiter, stronger, and protected from decay!

1. Foods that Whiten

You already know about all the products on the market that can make your teeth whiter, but did you know that some foods can help you whiten too? While coffee and dark berries can stain your teeth, others can actually help whiten them. According to Dr. Oz, strawberries can help whiten your teeth because they contain an astringent that removes stains, and vitamin C, which helps clear away plaque.

Crunchy foods like apples and carrots scrub your teeth as you chew, which helps remove food particles and stains. Hard cheeses can also help with this scrubbing motion.

Citrus foods promote saliva production, which helps wash food and staining agents from your mouth; be careful not to eat too many citrus foods though because they can increase tooth decay. Baking soda can also help naturally whiten your teeth whether it comes in your toothpaste or you mix it up yourself. You should also avoid teas, coffee, wines, and dark berries that can stain your teeth.

Foods That Whiten

2. Foods that Strengthen

Some foods have important nutrients that can actually help make your teeth stronger. Two vitamins that are especially important are calcium and phosphorus. Foods rich in calcium are milk, cheese, almonds, and leafy vegetables. Meat, eggs, and fish are high in phosphorus. Acidic food damages your teeth, but foods with calcium and phosphate work to redeposit minerals back into your teeth. They also help to keep tooth enamel healthy and strong.

Whole grains also strengthen your teeth in different ways. Whole grains have B vitamins and iron, which keep your gums healthy. Magnesium, a mineral for healthy bones and teeth, is also found in whole grains.

Oral B suggests bran, brown rice, and whole-grain cereals and pasta as good sources of whole grains. A nice variety of foods will help your teeth and your whole body by giving you a variety of nutrients and vitamins.

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3. Foods that Protect

There are other foods that protect your teeth from decay. Drinking lots of water reduces the number of bad bacteria and acid in your mouth that causes tooth decay. Water with fluoride goes the extra mile to help protect your teeth.

Foods with high water content, like crunchy fruits and veggies, help increase saliva production, which washes bacteria and acid from your mouth. Gum can also help with this salvia production, but make sure you choose sugar-free gum. Research indicates that cheddar cheese can work even better than milk or yogurt to lower the pH level in your mouth.

It’s important to not just eat the right foods but to also avoid the wrong foods. Sugary candy and drinks, especially between meals, can increase plaque deposits on your teeth and increase decay.

No matter what you eat, it’s important to brush your teeth at least two times a day and floss regularly to make sure you remove food particles and other bacteria that could be damaging your teeth. Make sure you schedule regular appointments with your dentist. Dentists in Hamilton to Vancouver would be happy to talk to you about your diet and what to eat to help your teeth.

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