Funny Allergies that Really Exist

 Funny Allergies that Really Exist

There are some seriously weird allergies out there. We all know of people that are allergic to cats and dogs, or to eggs, wheat, or gluten. These are some common allergies and any product we use is now covered in labels stating that they may contain nuts, eggs, or anything else that many people are allergic to.

My favorite is, of course, that a bag of nuts has a warning on it that it may contain nuts. But really, allergies are no laughing matter, at least not for people who have to deal with allergies. On the other hand, there are some seriously weird allergies out there. Some of the allergies listed below will really make you think, and they may even make you wonder whether it is possible to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Allergies to Water

Water is the building block of our world and our bodies. It is thanks to the water that there is life on this planet. But, surprisingly enough, some people actually are allergic to water. Being allergic to water means you have aquagenic urticaria. It is incredibly rare but very, very serious. People who suffer from water allergy break out in welts, hives, rashes, and lesions and it only takes about five to ten minutes for all these horrible things to appear.

They then last for anything from a few minutes to several hours. The condition isn’t caused by histamines, meaning they need a different type of treatment. It isn’t clear what actually causes the allergy, but it is believed that people have ultrasensitive skin and that they are actually not allergic to H2O, but more to the many additives that are found within water.

Allergies to Exercise

For people who have an allergy to exercise, healthy living has gone right out the window. Of course, many of us fake this allergy, but it is actually very real. Most of the time, people who suffer from exercise urticaria have other allergies as well and these are often the culprit for the allergy outbreak following exercise.

Very often, people are also allergic to sweat for instance. This allergy is very serious because most people who suffer from it actually go into anaphylactic shock. They also find that they get covered in itchy skin, and hives, and they experience swelling on the torso, neck, and extremities.

Allergies to Apples

An apple a day is said to keep the doctor at bay. However, not so if you are allergic to apples. At present, only one recorded case of an apple allergy exists, which is from a lady called Grace Morley. Her allergy was discovered in 2009. The story of Grace Morley is very weird because she is only allergic to apples if she also is in contact with birch trees. This may sound too weird to be true, but it actually is. Grace Morley suffers very violent episodes if she were to eat an apple right next to a birch tree.

Interestingly, she can eat an apple anywhere else and she can also touch a birch tree, so long as she isn’t surrounded by apples. The condition is, as of yet, unnamed, but it is very much real, and scientific research into this odd allergy is continuing. We will just have to wait and see what the name will be, and how many fellow sufferers will come forward. Preliminary reports, however, show that there are more people who experience similar things.

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