Exercise Tips: Gym Ball Exercises for Men

 Exercise Tips: Gym Ball Exercises for Men

Gym Ball Exercises for Men: Gym balls may look like giant beach balls or some kind of children’s toy, but they are also an invaluable fitness tool, especially for people who are looking to develop their core strength. They challenge muscles in different ways and are especially beneficial for men, as they work muscles in the chest, legs, and shoulders.

Decline Push Ups

One of the great gym ball workouts which can be done using a gym ball is decline push-ups, which work to develop your chest shoulders and triceps. They also work on your core strength, challenging muscle groups that you might not use as much in conventional push-ups. You need to start this exercise by assuming a usual push-up position with your arms and shoulders, with your palms on the floor a comfortable distance apart.

You then need to position your toes on the gym ball and raise your torso so that it forms a straight line. Keep your back as straight as possible and lower your chest to the floor until your elbows bend to a 90-degree angle. Then raise your body. Repeat as many times as is appropriate for your routine, or until you feel fatigued.

Chest Presses

Chest presses using dumbbells along with the gym ball are a good way of building strength and condition in your chest and shoulders. Using the gym ball also means that your core muscles are worked as well, which helps with your overall strength and posture. Begin these gym ball workouts by taking a dumbbell in each hand and sitting on top of the gym ball. Then slowly slide down the ball until it rests under your shoulders.
Do this carefully as you do not want to fall while holding dumbbells. Your feet will remain flat on the floor for the entire duration of the exercise. Start with the dumbbells held at the line of your chest and raise them until your elbows straighten with the dumbbells above your head. Repeat the process to complete the exercise.

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Back Extensions

Back extensions are a third gym ball exercise which can be performed more effectively with a gym ball. Using the gym ball helps to work the muscles which stabilise your back when you do other exercises such as squats or overhead lifts using heavy weights. Begin this exercise by lying face down on the gym ball, so that it lies directly under your pelvis.
You may want to place yourself with your feet against a wall to offer some extra stability. With your hands crossed over your chest, bend forward so that you can lower your head to the floor. Raise yourself back up until there is a small arch in your back, then back down.

Repeat the exercise as needed

These are just three of the many effective gym ball exercises that can be carried out and improved using a gym ball. If you want to take your use of this brilliant piece of fitness equipment further, talk to a qualified fitness professional. They can show you an entire range of gym ball exercises which will work your whole body effectively.

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