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Healthy Foods to Eat Daily

What is food?

Food is any kind of substance that is engulfed by the mouth and swallowed after making a bolus through the esophagus with the help of saliva. Food gives important nutritional value to the body of every living being. Every individual in animals and plants makes their food on their own or by depending on someone else. Food contains various nutritional components like protein, fibers, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, etc. so we should eat selected food that gives us the proper amount of value which is helpful for the body.

10 foods that we should eat daily:

  1. Fruits: Various varieties of fruits we should eat on a daily basis. Every fruit contains its own nutritional and medicinal value. Different fruits contain different vitamins such as orange contains vitamin C and vitamin D. Apples are a good source of vitamin C and fibers; it also has a quote “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Watermelon contains water, a huge amount of vitamin A, and a lower amount of vitamin C and potassium, and contains citrulline acid which is helpful in lowering your blood pressure. Papaya is also a watery fruit that contains vitamin A, E, and C which also contains anti-oxidant properties; eating papaya on a daily basis produces heat in the body and down the estrogen level in the body and induces periods or helpful in the irregular periods by eating raw papaya. Grapes contain high nutritional value, contains vitamin C and K, and have anti-oxidant properties. Eating fruits helps you to maintain your figure cause they contain low fat and digest easily, giving a naturally glowing skin.
  2. Pulses and grains: Various kinds of pulses like masoor daal, moong daal, urad daal, soybeans, etc. grains like gram flour, wheat flour, war, and ragi flour are great source of protein and fiber which also contains some vitamins and minerals like magnesium, iron, etc. which helps in the easy digestion.   
  3. Milk: We should include milk in our diet daily. Milk is rich in calcium which is necessary for our teeth and bones to be strong. Milk also contains tryptophan which can convert into serotonin and melatonin which are the relaxing or dark hormone. Melatonin is the hormone that can make you feel sleepy according to the sleep-wake cycle. Mainly milk should be contained at night.
  4. Curd: Curd is a rich source of calcium and contains lactic acid which helps in absorbing nutrients. It contains certain vitamins too and a high amount of protein, fat and some carbs too. So we should include curd in our diet daily.
  5. Flour: We should eat roti of different flours which are rich in dietary fibers that help in easy digestion.
  6. Vegetables: Eat green vegetables like spinach, bitter gourd, lady finger, etc. for better eyesight, and minerals absorption like iron, Sulphur, etc.
  7. Egg: Egg contains a high amount of protein, fat and saturated fat with iron, minerals, vitamins, carotenoids, etc. Most gym doers eat eggs on a daily basis to consume protein in the high amount for muscle gain etc. If you want to lose some weight eat the egg’s albumin but don’t eat the yolk because the egg’s yolk contains fat.
  8. Salad: Salads like cucumber, onion, tomato, beetroot, etc. consume salad in our diet.
  9. Honey or jaggery: Honey contains natural sweetness, if any individual wants to lose weight they consume honey instead of taking white sugar. Honey contains anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant or antibacterial properties. Jaggery is made from sugarcane which has natural sugar. Eating jaggery produces heat which should consume daily in winter and it is extremely useful for irregular periods or period cramps. It helps in controlling the blood sugar level. It should be eaten after having the meal which helps in easy digestion and constipation. 
  10. Dry fruits: Dry fruits such as almonds, raisins, dates, nuts, fennel, poppy seeds, cashews, pistachio, etc. Dry fruits contain a high nutritional value as they contain vitamins C, and B6, and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, etc. Contains protein and saturated fat etc. We should eat dry fruits by soaking them over the night which enhances their nutritional value, it neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors which allow them for the proper digestion of food.         

We should eat healthy to live healthily because health is wealth. 

Prakhar Singh
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