History, Theme And Importance Of World Drowning Prevention Day

 History, Theme And Importance Of World Drowning Prevention Day

World drowning prevention day is on 25th July 2023. It is a global event and occurs every year. The general assembly revolution took the initiative of world prevention to help all those drowning victims suffering from this issue for ages. It is one of the leading reasons behind the death of people in all countries. Lacs of people dies due to drowning every year. However, they need a backup to protect everyone from death-causing issues. It is a natural cause and harms all age groups of people. Even infants are not safe from this leading cause. Just providing information regarding this issue is not enough. We need to take proper measures to protect ourselves from this.

Various people die due to living hood near sea shores which cannot be replicated easily. Every year, WHO (World Health Organization) organizes various campaigns and seminars to educate people about drowning and its impact. We need to understand the effects of drowning on the victim of families. It is seen that it is the most causing accident among the people of small and native countries. The age group of 5 – 14 years is the most affected drowning victim today. In India, most poor people live nearby the sea, lakes, etc., which occurs lots of death due to drowning. However, the teenagers go inside them in joy, eventually drowning.

People need to understand the impact and effect of drowning causes on their life of the people. There are lots of people who are not aware of the prevention of drowning. However, the government is celebrating drowning prevention day as a momentous occasion that will help to gain knowledge so that no one will be died due to lack of knowledge in the future.

History Of Drowning Prevention Day 

Drowning prevention day is a global event held every year. The general assembly resolution (A/RES/75/273) initiated the resolution of the drowning prevention day in April 2021. 25 July has been declared world drowning prevention day by the world health organization in the year 2021. Drowning shows a terrible impact on the lives of the victim. However, it is essential to provide enough knowledge about preventing drowning. It is a tragic cause that ruins the lives of thousands of people every year. And since it is a global death cause, it becomes more critical for people to gain more knowledge about this issue.

The Theme of Drowning Prevention Day 

The theme for drowning prevention day 2022 was “do one thing – to prevent drowning”. WHO established Drowning prevention day to solve the rising issue of drowning. It is essential to save people from drowning; however, with the help of drowning prevention, we can motivate people to show more and more contributions on this important day. There are various who are continuously working on this issue to save more and more lives of the people.

Importance Of Drowning Prevention Day

Drowning prevention day has been a momentous occasion for a long time. However, people don’t know much about preventive measures to protect themselves from drowning. It is one of the leading reasons for death among people.

According to the United Nations data, 236,000 people drown annually, making it a significant public health issue on a global scale. One of the major causes of death for kids and teenagers worldwide, ages 1 to 24, is drowning. 7% of all injury-related deaths are caused by drowning, the third most common unintentional injury mortality cause.

As per a WHO report on death due to drowning, all economies and geographical areas are affected by the global burden of drowning deaths:

  • Over 90% of unintentional drowning deaths occur in low-income and middle-income countries
  • More than 50% of accidents happen in the WHO Western Pacific Region and WHO South-East Asia Region
  • The WHO Western Pacific Region has the highest drowning death rates, which are 27–32 times higher than those in the United Kingdom or Germany, respectively.

What Are the Measures You Can Take To Prevent Drowning?

  1. Make sure to have basic knowledge of swimming before jumping inside any pond or lake. Some basic steps of swimming can save your life. However, it is the crucial action you can take as a saviour for your life.
  2. Always prefer swimming in safe areas as it is impossible to have someone around you all the time; however, restricted areas can help save you from drowning.
  3. Always wear a life jacket if you’re going on an adventure trip. There are huge chances of drowning in the lake or sea while trying new things. However, a life jacket will help you to overcome the issue of drowning.
  4. A person should always know about the common CPR skills as it can prevent many people from dying. Usually, if a person gets drowned and is saved, there is a 99 % chance that they need CPR. So with this basic solution, you can save many lives.
  5. Avoid alcohol while visiting a lake or sea. Alcohol can lead to unbalance in mind and action and chances of losing control while swimming or doing swimming activities. It can lead to less coordination while performing a few exercises, and a person can experience dizziness or headache.
  6. Always take all the medication with you if you have a water problem. However, it becomes more critical for the person to show extra care while doing water activities with those who have some issues from water, such as epilepsy, etc.


World drowning prevention day has been celebrated for a long time. The main reason behind the drowning is that people are living beside side shores which causes lots of harm with every tsunami. However, it is not the only reason. Children also lost their life due to trying to swim in deep rivers. Government should take precautions by restricting these areas. Likewise, people should also take precautions and should save themselves from drowning.


What was the theme of world drowning prevention day 2022?

The theme for world drowning prevention day 2022 was “Do one thing – To prevent drowning.” WHO ( World Health Organization ) has been the primary support for the development of families who have suffered drowning in the past.

How many people drowned in the year 2022?

There is no such specific estimate for the exact number of drowned victims. However, it is believed around 2,36,000 people have died due to drowning in the year 2022.

What are the types of drowning?

There are five types of drowning through which people can lose their life. The following types are – saltwater drowning, secondary drowning, near drowning, dry drowning, and freshwater drowning.

What is CPR in drowning?

CPR is the most beneficial action if someone has drowned. It refers to the 30 chest compression provided to the person. Thirty compressions are provided every 5 minutes. It is also known as quick first aid, which can help to save a person from death. It can be performed till any medical facility is provided to the person.

When is World Drowning Prevention Day?

World drowning prevention day date is 25 July.

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