World Food Safety Day: History, Theme, and Goal

 World Food Safety Day: History, Theme, and Goal

World food safety day is celebrated on the 7th of June worldwide. It is one of the occasions celebrated with great peace. Food is considered an essential aspect of human life, and the safety of this food is a must. World food safety day is celebrated to grab people’s attention on food. Consuming food is not the only thing; having excellent and hygienic food is the aim. The united nation has formed world food safety day to aware people on the growing number of foodborne diseases.

Various counties cannot provide enough hygienic food to their citizens, eventually leading to different risks to human life. These problems are only be solved when it is detected and managed. It is essential to raise awareness among people about food safety in life. Diseases obtained from food don’t sound that dangerous, but in reality, they are hazardous. Foodborne risks harm people’s health in large numbers. Various people don’t get enough food to proceed with their bodies later. When they get food, they eat it, eventually leading to intestinal issues and other problems.

History Of World Food Safety Day 

In the year 2018, the United Nations General Assembly declared world food safety day on 7th June. Later the leading role was played by WHO ( World Health Organization ), which raised awareness against the prevention of human health. There is various organization that collaborates and works on the management of food safety.

Some important norms are made every year on the occasion of world food safety day and later implemented. Some organizations, such as WHO and FAO, work together to safeguard people’s life and eating habits.

The more you provide information about the issue, the more people are inspired. The safety of food is essential for leading a healthy and prosperous life. And for this appropriate amount of safe food is necessary. If the problem arises with food, it seems manageable. But in reality, it is considered the most problematic issue in the whole world.

 The unavailability of safe food will lead to various diseases, harmful infections, and natural hazards. Unsafe food harms not only a single person but the whole individual and economy. The loss of human life is considered the biggest issue for any country. We think that consuming safe food is enough, but it’s not true just eating good food is not the only thing. The whole production, storage, and distribution process should be safe.

Contaminated food and water is the primary source of entering parasites and infection in the body. Mostly women and children are affected by unsafe food. The prime motive of world food safety day is to ensure that the food we consume is safe and away from bacteria.

World Food Safety Day 2022 Theme

The theme of 2022 is safer food and better health. The unsafe food doesn’t only harms humans but also shows effects on animals and the environment. The importance of safe food is to make it more essential to the people. A long food chain begins with processing and ends with distribution.

However, you have to maintain the quality of food to fulfil the hunger and well-being of the person. The slogan of world food safety day is food safety is everyone’s business, which means that every person is responsible for the availability of safe food, whether it is a farmer or a distributor.

Calls Of Action To Achieve The Goal Of Safe Food

On world food safety day every year, some guidelines are made to ensure the availability of safe food. However, the government has given five important action calls. If you follow these, then you can achieve the goal of safe food.

  1. Ensure whether it’s safe or not.
  2. The production of food crops is safe or not?
  3. The storage and processing should be safe.
  4. Consumers should have a sense of safety in accordance f their food.
  5. The last and most important thing is to make sure to work together for the safety and availability of food.

Five Keys To Safer Food Manual

1. Keep clean

It is necessary to have a clean and hygienic environment for the person. It is often seen that when a person eats which is not hygienic enough, it can cause various kinds of diseases, such as diarrhoea, hepatitis, etc.

2. Separate raw and cooked food

When people do not have enough resources, they prefer having raw food. However, raw food and vegetables can cause issues with our health. So always eat cooked food so it will be digested quickly and not cause indigestion and other problems.

3. Cook thoroughly

It is essential to cook food nicely to provide all necessary nutrients to the body because undercooked or overcooked food is not suitable for health.

4. Keep food at a safe temperature

It is essential to keep food at the right temperature. Some food does not have good adaptability and react to the environment, and they cause significant harm to our bodies. Leaving food outside can also give birth to various bacteria, eventually harming our digestive system and leading to multiple problems.

5. Use safe water and raw material

Last and most important, is safe raw materials because the food will only be cleaned when we use hygienic food products. Every food or products product contains some bacteria in it. So make sure to clean it nicely before cooking so that it doesn’t show any harm to your body.


Even if we look at the history of various countries, the main issue of people’s death is unhygienic food. There are thousands of problems that we watch every day. However, world food safety day is established for this situation only. It will provide a path for people who need to be aware of their food safety. The WHO ( World Health Organization ) took a significant step in preventing people’s life by educating ton the importance of sound and safe the five keys of safer food manual was introduced by WHO in the year 2001.    


Why is food safety day celebrated on the 7th of June?

World food safety day is celebrated on the 7th of June to grab people’s attention on the rising issue of food safety. And manage and detect all the problems. The unavailability of safe food will cause various foodborne diseases, eventually affecting the country’s economy. Thousands of people die annually due to the unavailability of food resources, and world food safety day will help overcome this issue.

Who organized world food safety day?

The United Nations General Assembly organized world food safety day in 2018. The prime motive for the organization of this day is to improve the current situation. And provide awareness among people about the safety of food. However, since the establishment of world food safety day, it has been celebrated under the WHO (world health organization) and FAO (food and agriculture organization of the united nations).

What is national food safety month?

National food safety month is in September. And during this whole month, the government makes various guidelines for food safety. It is considered the best time to pay attention to all food and security problems.   

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