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How Men And Women See Colours

Research into how men and women view colors throws up some very interesting findings. There are quite dramatic differences in the way that each sex perceives different shades on the color spectrum, with some strong preferences and dislikes.

What’s A Favourite Colour?

Firstly, blue is a favorite color for both men and women but comes out particularly strongly as a hue favored by men.

The color is synonymous with trust, fidelity, reliability, intelligence, and stability and may be the reason that many men opt for a business suit in some shade of blue. Blue is also seen as a color that has a calming effect.

Next on the color chart is green. Men seem to prefer brighter, more vibrant shades whilst women opt for softer, more subtle greens. Again, it’s probably because green has connotations of nature, peacefulness, and calm. It’s interesting that this preference becomes less marked as a person becomes older.

So what about pink? It’s renowned for being a favorite color for little girls who often go through a phase of wanting everything they possess to be pink – whether it’s their bedroom, their shoes, their dresses, or even their bicycles. Meanwhile, little boys would never dress in pink and this is an aversion that often continues into adult life.

A Colour Men Dislike

Purple is a color that links to pink and it’s often an adult favorite of women in shades of lavender, mauves, and lilacs. Men see this color much less favorably and research shows that they quite often have a strong aversion to it. Interestingly, in Ancient Rome, purple was a color only allowed to be worn by the Emperor and Senate and was seen as a color to aspire to.

Fabrics in purple were expensive, with the colors being drawn from mollusks from the sea. This shows that social conditioning has a lot to do with colors, with men nowadays viewing purple negatively, whereas 2000 years ago being able to wear the color purple would have been the equivalent of owning a Ferrari or Aston Martin car.

How Colours Affect Our Feelings

Other research shows that for both men and women, about 80% of color is interacted with visually. But interestingly, colors also affect how we feel. Put people in a colorful room and then a grey room and their heart rate will be faster in the grey room. Men tolerate the lack of stimulation in a grey room less than women, becoming much more bored. So maybe painting rooms in your house grey isn’t such a great idea!

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