Responding to a Decreased Female Sex Drive

 Responding to a Decreased Female Sex Drive

Nothing is more frustrating than desiring intimacy that can’t be achieved because the mind and the body simply aren’t in the same place. Female sex drive problems can damage a woman’s relationship and self-confidence at an alarming rate.

Understanding and treating low libido and sex drive issues in women is vital to feeling connected to intimate partners and getting the most out of life.

Who gets Female Sex Drive Issues?

Women can have issues becoming interested in sex or enjoying sex at any point in their life, but there are certain issues that will make libido trouble more likely. Women are most likely to have issues with sexual interest and satisfaction as they get older due to issues associated with the approach of menopause.

Some women experience issues related to relationship trouble or physical issues with sex at multiple points in life that can come and go as the situation changes. All women have a chance of experiencing a low libido at some point in their lives.

Causes of Sex Drive Problems in Women

Hormone Changes

One of the most common causes of issues with female libido is changes in hormones associated with menopause, pregnancy, and some medications. Hormones that tell the female body to initiate feelings of intimacy tied to sexual response decline during menopause and while a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding.

When the natural issues of menopause cause a lack of sexual interest, a woman may need help regulating hormones in order to begin enjoying sex again.

Physical Issues

Physical issues like pain due to dryness or an injury in the vaginal area can cause some women to experience pain during intercourse, which often leads to a lowered interest in sex. Many women also experience a drop in sexual interest simply due to being tired or sick. Medications can also cause a lack of sex drive as a side effect.

Lifestyle Issues

Poor nutrition, smoking, and alcohol or drugs can all lead to a drop in sex drive for many women over time. Stress and relationship problems are also known for causing issues with the desire for intimacy that is hard to resolve without treating the underlying problem.

Any lifestyle choices that make it hard to make time for sex or leave a woman without the energy to stay interested in intimacy can lead to a decrease in desire for sex as time goes on.

Treatments for Low Sex Drive

Hormone supplements available by prescription are a common option for low female sex drive in women passing menopause, and treating the underlying issue is generally the best way to remove libido problems caused by illness or injury.

Lifestyle changes that include an exercise regimen and a proper diet combined with natural hormone regulation help are a good option for most women experiencing low interest in sex who don’t want the side effects of prescription drugs. Generally, safe over-the-counter treatments like supplements and physical aids are a solid first step for most sex drive complaints.

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