How to Avoid Weekend Weight Gain

 How to Avoid Weekend Weight Gain

Avoid Weekend Weight Gain. The nine-to-five hustle and bustle can leave us feeling a little deflated. When the weekend rolls around we tend to relax a little more than just our minds, we sometimes take it too far by sliding into bad habits. Drinking more, sleeping in too long, or eating excessive junk food can all wreak havoc on our bodies and our overall health including our teeth.

Avoid the Monday muffin top by having a healthy happy weekend. Here are tips to help you breeze through another weekend without feeling the Monday blues.

Rethink Happy Hour

Happy hour does not have to be bar food, drinks, and piling on calories. It can be a mindset that you carry throughout the entire weekend. Choose healthy snacks and embrace a more balanced way of living. If you are going out with friends after work considers making a plan. Decide before you arrive how many drinks you will have. Also, limit your food consumption.

The nachos and chicken wings tend to make you feel lethargic the following day. A good trick is to think about how you feel after you eat the food. If you feel heavy and greasy then stay clear. Instead, choose more balanced choices like hummus or a vegetable plate. These foods will help you feel better in both the short and long run.

Movie Madness

Weekend date night with a giant tub of buttered popcorn and Zach Afron’s chiseled abs sure gives us something to look forward to. But the popcorn can pack the pounds on. While we are busy watching movies we often go into a routine of popping in pieces of food well past our rate of enjoyment.

When we are focused on a movie we tend to not pay attention to the popcorn we shove into our faces. Share popcorn with your friend or date, and skip the butter. You could shave off over 1,000 calories.

Brush More

Most weekends are filled with hangouts, catching up, and lounging around. Staying in your sweats all weekend should not constitute a great time. You should get up in the morning and allow yourself to make the most out of the day. Brush your hair and teeth regularly and get ready to go live the day. Even if you decide to sit on the couch and relax all day self-care will go a long way.

Brushing your teeth is important on the weekends because sometimes you eat more food and this food can stick to your teeth and build up plaque and cavities.

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