International Day of A Person With Disability

 International Day of A Person With Disability

International day of a person’s disability is celebrated on December 3. It is a global event that is held every year all over the world. Once a person gets disabled, it becomes difficult to spend their life with available resources. Some people couldn’t even make better earnings which eventually led to various financial issues. A person with disabilities faces multiple problems and is always left behind. The international day of a person with disabilities is celebrated to help and raise support for those fearing severe ability. In this article, we will provide you with information regarding the history, theme, significance, and observation of an international day of a person’s disability. 


The initiative international day of a person’s disability was taken by United Nations General Assembly Resolution in 1992. The prime motive of the international day of a person’s disability is to help and support the disabled person. And provide them with their rights which are necessary for living. It also gives a special status to all the disabled who have been exploited by society and the institution. It even talks about the issues and their solutions so that this will benefit more, and benefit from an international day of person’s disabilities helps to promote the status of the disabled and stand for their rights worldwide. It is an important resolution that needs to be applied worldwide so that not even a single disabled’s rights are exploited. 

Theme Of International Day of Persons with Disability

The theme of the international day of a person with a disability is ‘changing course and transforming education. ‘article occasion’s theme defines the importance of preserving the rights of the disabled. There are various people whose rights have been exploited under actions. However, they could not even fight because of their disability. And at this moment, international day, a person with a dia ability helps people to stand against exploitation and provide them with m political, social, and economic rights. 

The theme for The Previous Year

year Theme 
2021 Leadership and participation of persons with a disability toward an inclusive, accessible, and sustainable post.
2020 Building back better – toward a disability. 
2019 Promoting the participation of a person with a disability and their leadership. 
2018 Empowering people with a disability and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.
2017 Transformation towards a sustainable and resilient society for all.
2016 Achieving 17 goals or the future we want. 
2015 Inclusive matters-Access empowerment of people of all abilities. 
2014 Sustainable development- The promise of technology
2013 Break barriers open doors
2012 Removing barriers to create  an inclusive and accessible society for all 
2011 Together for a better world for all
2010 Keeping the promise-0 mainstreaming disability in the millennium development goals toward 2015 and beyond  
2009 Empowerment of people with disability and their communities around the world 
2008 Convection on the right of a person with a disability 
2007 Decent work for a person with a disability 
2006 E-accessibility 
2005 Right of a person with a disability
2004 Nothing about us without us
2003 A voice of our own
2002 Independent living and sustainable livelihood
2001 Full participation and equality- the call for a new approach to access the program and evaluate the outcome 
2000 Making information technologies work for all 
1999 Accessibility for all the new millennium
1998 Art, culture, and independent living

What Is Disability?

According to the World Health Organization, disability is considered a global public health issue, right issue, and development priority. The word disability restricts a person who does not perform any activity. There are many different types of disabilities, including movement, remembering, learning, hearing, mental health, and social relation. Some disabilities can be visible quickly, but some may be hidden and not easily seen. According to the reports, the disability has three  broad dimensions, which are 

  • Activity limitation- Many people face difficulty in seeing, hearing, walking, and problem-solving
  • Impairment – It affects the individuals, mental health, structure of the body, and body function 
  • Participation restriction – The people are afraid to join any social work, gatherings, etc.

Agenda For Sustainable Development 2030

The agenda for 2030 was to leave no one behind. The main aim of this agenda was to promote awareness related to sustainable development for all, including humanitarian action, urban development, and disaster risk. The 2030 agenda contain 4, 8, 10, 11, and 17 goals.

  • Goal 4- Guarantee providing equal education and full fill the need of disabled persons
  • Goal 8- Provide productive employment to disabled persons
  • Goal10- Provide social, economic, and political inclusion of disabled person 
  • Goal 11- Provide daily resources like water, electricity, a sustainable transport system, and public space and an affordable price
  • Goal 17- Educate about the importance of data collection and monitoring of the sustainable development goals, emphasizing disability.

Timeline For an International Day Of A Person With A Disability

1960 This year, the official Paralympic games were organized 
1976 The US decided that from 1981 the international day of a person with a disability should be celebrated 
1992 Us proclaimed to celebrate the international day of persons with disability 
2013 National disability insurance scheme by Australia

International Day of A Person With Disability Observe

All over the world, many people have different types of disabilities, whether mental or physical. So you need to look around your society if someone faces a disability,y, so it’s your job to help them, and that’s why  the international day of a  person with disability celebrated 

It would help if you inquired about your areas and your communities. If they know someone who needs help, Offer them help like delivering medicines and groceries and performing simple activities to help them 

Date of the International Day of Persons With Disability

Year Day Date
2023 December 3  Sunday 
2024 December 3  Tuesday
2025 December 3  Wednesday
2026 December 3  Thursday
2027 December 3  Friday 


We all know that the world has a population of 7 billion, and more than 1 billion people are disabled. The international day of persons with disability started in the year 1992 with a resolution of 47/3 passed by the united nation general assembles with the main aim of helping those people who are suffering from any disability and promoting awareness about disability issues and drawing attention to the benefit of an inclusive and accessible society for all.


1. What color is international disability day?

Ans: The color of international disability day is dark blue against a white background and white text on the dark blue as a background.

2. What is the message of international day off-season disability?

Ans: The International Day of People with disabilities gives a message to provide an equal position to people who have any disability and also stand with them and give them the status they deserve.

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