World No Tobacco Day

 World No Tobacco Day

World no tobacco day is celebrated on 31st May to promote awareness about tobacco and its dangerous effects. Many organizations and governments are involved in promoting awareness among the people. According to the data, around 80 lakh people died from tobacco consumption. Apart from the human cause, it also harms the environment. According to the united nation sustainable development agenda, tobacco is the main factor responsible for the adverse impact on humans and the environment.

The world health organization members wanted to celebrate world no tobacco day on 31st May. It started in 1987, and this day was celebrated yearly with a different theme. For this year, the music is environment protection. According to the world health organization, the increasing demand for the tobacco industry added unnecessary pressure on the environment and destroyed the balance between the resources in an ecosystem.

A History of The World No Tobacco Day

In 1987, the world health organization passed a resolution announcing world no smoking day on seven April 1988. This act was passed to motivate young people to prevent using tobacco. In 1988 the world health organization passed another resolution, which is world no tobacco day, celebrated on 31st May. Apart from that, in 2008, the government banned all advertisements and promotions about tobacco because, according to tog, the ad also attracts people to smoke and drink

World No Tobacco 2022 Theme

The theme of the world no tobacco day 2022 was to protect the environment. The main aim of celebrating this day was to promote awareness about the dangerous effect of tobacco and its preventive measures to people, especially the young generation. Nowadays, more than 95% of the young generation is engaged in using tobacco. Every year world no tobacco day has a different theme containing much information regarding tobacco consumption.

Significance Of World Health Tobacco Day

World no tobacco day is celebrated to prevent the use of tobacco. To promote awareness world health organization organized many champions that promote awareness about the harmful effect of tobacco consumption. World no tobacco day is celebrated every year on 31st May, and the WHO observed it in 1987. World no tobacco day focuses on the harmful effects of tobacco and its preventive measures. 

Health hazards Of Tobacco

There is various effect of tobacco use which is given below:

  1.  According to the world health organization, tobacco is considered the main factor of noncommunicable thought, causing cancer and cardiovascular disease. Treating the disease requires many finances, which imposes a financial burden on the family.
  2. The land is a significant factor for cultivation and is the only source of income, but tobacco cultivation destroyed the forest and cultivation land. 
  3. Burning of tobacco produces many harmful gases in the environment, which causes health problems. 
  4. Smokeless tobacco, like chewing tobacco and snuff, are the main factor that causes cancer in the oral cavity. Tobacco consumption can damage the respiratory tract, lungs, liver, pancreas, nasal cavity, cervix, and many more. There is some factor that increases the risk of cancer such as :
  • Duration of use of tobacco 
  • Tobacco products used per day 
  • Degree of inhalation 
  1. The consumption of tobacco can cause a brain stroke. Tobacco can constrict the blood vessel, making the person conscious and paralyzed.
  2. Tobacco also affects coronary vessels by which the heart decreases the blood supply, resulting in heart muscle death. 
  3. Tobacco consumption also causes chronic disease and asthma. 
  4. It causes bleeding during pregnancy, miscarriage, premature delivery, and ectopic pregnancy.
  5. Tobacco consumption also causes eye diseases.
  6. The consumption of tobacco cause diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease.

Environmental Effects of Tobacco

  1. The land is a significant factor for cultivation and is the only source of income, but tobacco cultivation destroyed the forest and cultivation land. 
  2. Burning of tobacco produces many harmful gases in the environment, which causes health problems.
  3. Tobacco is also responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. 
  4. Tobacco contaminates soil and water and releases thousands of intoxicants. 
  5. Wattage of water because a tonne of water is used for the manufacturing of cigarettes.

Initiatives To control Tobacco Consumption

A vital initiative made by the government of indiIndiareduce consumption is setting up tobacco cessation clinics in 2001-2. In this initiative, the government set up a tobacco clinic in 12state, which provides free treatments like cancer treatments,  psychiatric hospitals, medical colleges, NGOs, etc., which help people reduce tobacco consumption.

In 2007-08 the ministry of health and family welfare launched a national tobacco control program, promoted awareness among the people, and provided information about the harmful effect of tobacco consumption. The federal tobacco control cell is responsible for organizing this program and monitoring its different activities.

How To Reduce the Consumption Of Tobacco?

Many therapies help to reduce the consumption of tobacco. These therapies are classified into two categories, that is, pharmacological and pharmacological.

  1. Nicotine replacement therapy – Nicotine replacement therapy is safer and more manageable for patients. To reduce tobacco consumption, doctors use another alternative, which is nicotine chewing gum.
  2. Behavioral therapy – There are different methods to treat the person who uses tobacco, which are given below. 
  • Psychoeducation – In this technique, they provide all the information to the patients about tobacco and its harmful effects on the body. Informed the patient about changes that occur due to the intake of nicotine. This technique helps the patient to control the consumption of tobacco. 
  • Aversion therapy – In this technique, they pair smoking with unpleasant imaginary scripts like a shock. This therapy helps the patient to reduce tobacco intake because of fear and displeasure.
  • Social support – The government organized various camps and programs to teach them about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption. 

Facts About Tobacco

  • Cigarette smoke carries more than 7000 chemicals, and from 7000 chemicals, 70 chemicals cause cancer. 
  • Tobacco is the leading cause of increasing death all over the world. 
  • It is very harmful to the environment because more than six million trees are cut for the preparation of tobacco.
  • It is the main factor causing carbon dioxide because 84,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide are released from tobacco smoke. 
  • More than 22,000,000,000 liters are used in cigarette making. 
  • More than 8 million people died because of the consumption of tobacco. 
  • China is considered the largest exporter of tobacco plants. 
  • If a person smokes one cigarette, it can reduce 11 minutes of life. 
  • Also, smoking affects fertility.


1. How tobacco harms our forest and agriculture system?

Ans: It can reduce the fertility of the land. Once the tobacco grows on any ground, it cannot produce another crop. Tobacco causes soil depletion, which causes food insecurity and nutrition challenges.

2. How tobacco affects our environment?

Ans: It can harm farmers’ health because those who cultivate tobacco on their land can consume it. Apart from this, they also absorb aluminum and arsenic in their blood which is the main reason for blood. 

3. When was world no tobacco day celebrated?

Ans: World no tobacco day was celebrated on the 31st of Amy, and it started in 1987.

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