Keep Active With Alternate Fitness Classes

 Keep Active With Alternate Fitness Classes

Regular physical activity is one of the keys to living a long life. If you engage in exercise regularly, then you can greatly reduce your chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. Many people do not exercise regularly because they find it boring.

Fortunately, there are a number of alternative fitness classes that are very fun. Below are some of the fitness classes that you should consider giving a try:

Zumba Fitness

Zumba is a fitness program that was developed in the late 1990s by Beto Perez. Various styles of dance are incorporated into Zumba including merengue, salsa, hip hop, and soca. It also incorporates elements of resistance training, such as lunges and squats. Zumba is one of the most popular fitness programs in the world. It is estimated that 14 million people take a Zumba class each week. Furthermore, this program is available in 150 countries.

Zumba offers a number of potential benefits. Huge calorie burning is one of those benefits. The actual amount of calories that are burned can vary from person to person, but some people are able to burn over 1,000 calories per hour. That is why Zumba is great for promoting weight loss.

Zumba requires that you use the muscles in your upper and lower body. Therefore, you can potentially tone your entire body if you participate in this program on a regular basis. There are also different variations of the classes, including Zumba gold and zumbatonic. Zumba gold is for older adults, with zumbatonic available for kids who are between the ages of four and 12.

You can also participate in aqua Zumba and Zumba toning. Aqua Zumba is, as suggested, performed in the water whereas Zumba toning incorporates the use of toning sticks, which are light, maraca-like weights.

Additionally, Zumba is great for relieving stress. It allows you to take your mind off of the things that are bothering you for an hour and really have some fun.

Bootcamp Fitness

Bootcamp workouts are very similar to the workouts that people do when they are training for the military. These workouts include elements of calisthenics resistance training, interval training, and plyometrics and are designed to help you get results fast by pushing you past your comfort zone.

Bootcamp workouts are offered at gyms, and they are also available on DVD. A standard workout session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and includes a five to 10-minute warmup. Bootcamp classes generally consist of about six to 10 people. Most instructors will teach the class in a large outdoor space, such as a park. It is important to note that there are different variations of boot camps, including weight loss boot camps, boot camps for seniors, and sports-specific boot camps.

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