Tips For Creating The Perfect Massage

 Tips For Creating The Perfect Massage

There are many benefits to body massage, it can give a kick start or speed up the body’s systems. Massage is also fantastic for relaxation and de-stressing. Whether you are a trained masseuse or a novice here are my top massage tips:

1. Creating the right atmosphere

It is a ritual when you’re performing a massage treatment that you create the correct atmosphere for your client. This should be relaxing and tranquil so that the client feels relaxed and at ease. Think about the lighting, this needs to compliment the massage. I would advise dimming the lighting and maybe displaying some tea lights in the room to create a relaxing feel.

The smell is one of our main senses in the body, so it is important that your room smells perfect. There are many different aromatherapy burners on the market that work perfectly to create a wonderful smell.

2. Choosing your oil

There are a number of different massage products you can buy, however, I believe that oil is the best. It is up to you as the masseuse to choose whether or not you use aromatherapy oils. Aromatherapy oils can complement and enhance the benefits of treatment, but it is important that you pick them correctly so I would advise you to research these before using them on your client.

3. Adapting your message

A good masseuse will always listen to their client’s needs and adapt the massage to suit them. There is nothing worse than going for a massage and advising them you have tension you wish to be relieved in your back, then for the masseuse to ignore this and apply little pressure to the area you wanted. Ask your client where their tension is and what pressure they like and adapt accordingly.

Also, make sure that your client is warm and comfortable on the massage bed before proceeding with the massage. These little things will make the client feel that you are catering to their needs and will make them feel relaxed throughout the treatment.

4. Aftercare

Giving out aftercare is one of the most important things about a massage and needs to always be done. Advise your client what you have found when massaging, for example, where their tension is in the back. Ask your client if they enjoyed the massage and explain the benefits of regular massage. Always advise clients to drink plenty of water after a massage and to take it easy.

There are many factors that go into creating the perfect massage. Always listen to your client and cater to their needs.

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