Life Hacks for Staying Motivated to Exercise Regularly

 Life Hacks for Staying Motivated to Exercise Regularly

Stay motivated to exercise regularly: Today’s era is full of chaos and rush and in this rushy life, it is necessary to spend time with yourself and get enough time for the extra work too. And, in this chaotic full life, we forget to maintain our social life, give time to our families, stay fit, etc. which brings too many problems and diseases such as depression, irritation, mental distress, cardiovascular diseases, sleep disorders, etc. in our lives. So to calm down or to attain a healthy lifestyle in your busy schedule, it is essential to exercise regularly.

Why stay motivated to exercise regularly?

As we could see, covid pandemic happened, and during that most people died due to coronavirus. People whose immune system were solid and healthy from the inside recovers soon and stay alive instead of weak ones. Due to their strong immune system, their body accepts all medicines and therapies without rejection. The survival rate of the individuals who were fit and did regular exercise was very high instead to the opposite ones. So, this is a big example of staying motivated to exercise regularly.    

Life hacks for staying motivated to exercise regularly:

Several ways or life hacks are there to stay motivated to exercise regularly which are described below:

Alarm clock

Put an alarm clock for a morning walk, jogging, yoga, meditation, gym, etc. that you want to do. It reminds you to wake up every morning and it makes you feel fresh for the whole day.

Make a habit of regular days

 If you do not have a habit of doing exercise and you get bored or feel lazy to wake up and go for physical exercise, there is a cycle of 18 or 21 days in which if you keep doing that work which you do not want to but is necessary for you, it makes a habit and on the next day, your brain will ultimately remind and motivate you to do that work. And after some days you will enjoy and will be excited to do that work. Please apply this method for the physical work.

To overcome diseases

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, mental stress, lack of sleep issues, excessive sleeping, heart disease, fatigue, tiredness, obesity, high fat, weight gain, or overweight issues, please do regular exercise to get on the spot. Doing regular exercise helps to overcome all the issue, it makes you feel tired and release serotonin hormone which helps you to calm down. It strengthens your muscles and boosts up your work time. Exercise opens your skin pores and releases sweat which helps in overcoming acne, skin problems, dark circles, etc. Exercise has so many benefits and if you are not doing something and suddenly start doing it, after some days you will feel the difference between your with and without exercising day. And, when you realize it will automatically motivate you to exercise regularly.


If you do not want to exercise that makes you feel every day, start following your hobbies that include physical workouts such as dancing, jogging, play some of your favorite games like cricket, badminton, steps, football, hockey, basketball, swimming, rope climbing, car racing, cycling, kabaddi, volleyball, table tennis, etc. which makes you motivated to follow your passion and to work out regularly happily and makes you feel full of energy and enthusiastic.

Social groups or friends

Make some social groups or friend circle who have cheerful nature, who does work out regularly, and who also motivate you to do it every day. This is important because if someday you do not want to work out and feel lazy, then your friends call you for exercise or to go out running. Doing physical workouts motivates you towards sports and develops sportsman spirit inside you.   

Physical workout apps

Join some physical workout apps and fix your plans for the different days of the week which also motivates you to do physical workouts regularly.  

Keep a track record

Keep a track record of your workout progress and check it out every week or monthly which will keep you motivated to exercise regularly.      

If you are on a diet and suddenly or in any situation you have to break your diet, you should do extra exercise to balance your body. If you keep looking for these small things every day on your body, it will make a habit and you will automatically stick to your workout routine.

Government Initiatives

By knowing the importance of exercise, our government also celebrates yoga day on 21 June yearly, which promotes fitness among all individuals. Yoga Day is not only celebrated in India but is celebrated all over the world. In schools, there is one special period that was provided in government and private schools too, namely, sports periods.

Benefits of regular exercise:

There are so many benefits of exercising regularly of exercising on a daily basis in your life.

  1.   It boosts your immune system.
  2.   It helps in staying fit or to get in shape if you are overweight.
  3.   It keeps you away from mental stress.
  4.   Exercising regularly helps you to calm down in every situation. It releases the feel-good hormone, namely, serotonin.
  5.   It helps you to fall asleep soon or on time.
  6.   It gives you positive vibes all day.
  7.   It helps in keeping away from diseases and if in case you get sick, you will overcome your disease soon due to a strong immune system.
  8.   Proper exercise with a healthy diet makes your body fit.

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