Liver Care: 5 Foods To Take Care Of Your Liver

 Liver Care: 5 Foods To Take Care Of Your Liver

Liver Care: We all know that for our good health, it is very important for our liver to be healthy. There are also many yoga asanas to keep the liver healthy. But the most important thing is that our diet is correct. Along with this, some foods play a very important role in keeping the liver healthy. Today, in this article, we will learn about 5 such important foods.

Liver Care Tips: Take care of your liver with these 5 foods

Always make these 5 foods an integral part of your diet, after a gap of some time, which will take care of your liver and at the same time have the ability to cure any problem if it has occurred.

Garlic For Liver Care

liver care food garlic

Garlic, which is usually found in the kitchen of every household, is a panacea for the liver. It helps to activate and promote enzymes useful for eliminating toxins from your liver. In addition, selenium and allicin, two nutrients available in garlic, help the liver in the process of detoxification.
Garlic is also a natural antibiotic which helps rejuvenate a diseased liver or toxic liver.

Turmeric For Liver Health

liver care food turmeric

Turmeric is generally found in every household. Turmeric is used in almost every type of cooked vegetable. But did you know that in addition to the spice’s uses, turmeric also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make it especially beneficial for the liver? At the same time, it helps in the fight against many diseases. This develops the immunity of the body.

Animal experiments confirmed the protective effect of turmeric in an alternative medicine study (A review of plants used in the treatment of liver disease: part two. Alternative Med Rev 1999), which found that turmeric is very effective against the toxic effects of substances and some drugs that damage the liver.

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Avocado For Healthy Liver

liver care food Avocado

Avocado is more popular as an alternative treatment in skin care. However, apart from giving you beautiful skin and being rich in good fats, it is also great for your liver.

In fact, its ability to repair liver damage is remarkable. According to a 2001 study (Kawagishi H, Fukumoto Y, et al – Liver injury suppressing compounds from avocado (Persea americana) – J Agric Food Chem, 2001)

“Liver injury suppressing compounds from avocado (Persea americana) To evaluate the protective activity of fruits against liver injury, 22 different fruits were fed to rats, which had liver damage caused by D-galactosamine, a potent liver toxin. As measured by plasma alanine aminotransferase. As measured by changes in levels of liver enzymes (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST), avocados showed exceptionally potent liver injury-suppressing activity. Five active compounds were isolated and their structures were determined. All of these fatty were acid derivatives”

Grapefruits For Liver Care

liver care food grapefruits

Grapefruits also help prevent liver damage.

Grapefruit increases detoxifying enzymes in the liver. It contains a flavonoid component, known as naringenin, which helps the liver burn fat instead of storing it.


One study showed that two cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of developing the liver disease by 44%. Meaning, this meta-analysis suggests that increasing coffee intake can substantially reduce the risk of cirrhosis.
“Studies (analysis reference ): Systematic review with meta-analysis: coffee consumption and the risk of cirrhosis, Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 25 January 2016 – Systematic review with meta-analysis: coffee consumption and the risk of cirrhosis, Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 25 Jan. 2016.”

It also has a beneficial effect in the case of alcohol consumption. By the way, now you know that coffee is useful for the liver, but consume it in a moderate form, do not consume it in excessive quantity.

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