Memory Foam Is The Answer To A Good Night’s Sleep

 Memory Foam Is The Answer To A Good Night’s Sleep

All you want is a good night’s sleep. Is that really too much to ask for? You wake up tired, stiff, and achy, and not inclined to jump out of bed enthusiastically and break into song. It would help if you were sleeping on memory foam products. What in the world is that?

The technical name for memory foam is Visco elastic urethane foam. Urethane foam is used for cushioning and padding found in sports helmets and furniture. The elastic refers to the assets of the foam. Viscosity means something resistant to change in shape and to flow or movement in a fluid.

When something is elastic, such as youthful skin, it is capable of returning to its original form after its form has been altered, which happens when someone places their head on a pillow or moves around on a mattress.

Benefits of Memory Foam

The reason memory foam is beneficial to individuals is the foam’s ability to offer superior support as well as reduce pressure points which prevent the sleeper from waking up stiff and sore.

Pressure points are those parts of the body that come into contact with the bed or pillow. Your circulation can be reduced or even cut off if sleeping in a position that is putting too much pressure on a specific part of the body. Have you ever experienced an arm, hand, or leg that has gone asleep? It has been under too much pressure for an extended period of time.

When sleeping in a position that is occluding a part of the body reduces blood flow to that portion of the body and lowers oxygen levels as well. In addition, waste products start to build up in the area of the body that is affected by the awkward sleeping position.

When there is inadequate oxygen in an area of the body, it makes it difficult for the body to generate enough energy to keep that part of the body alive. Nerves fire and emit a strange sensation in the brain that prompts you, even when asleep, to take heed of what is going on. Nerves notify you when the body is at risk of damage. You wake up, realize a limb or another body part is asleep, and readjust your position so the body gets more blood flow and oxygen and comes awake.

When a mattress and pillow consist of memory foam the body’s weight is dispersed over a bigger area of the body. Memory foam sculpts the mattress and pillow to the individual’s unique shape. Weight is spread in the bed more efficiently, and pressure points are diminished.

An additional benefit provided by memory foam is heat from a person’s body makes the foam even softer in areas that support the natural curves and lines of a body.

When a person is comfortable while sleeping, he moves less often, which reduces the number of times he wakes at night. It also prevents the person from disturbing his bed partner with his constant tossing and turning.

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