Menstrual Hygiene – Intimate Wash during Periods

 Menstrual Hygiene – Intimate Wash during Periods

When women have periods, many of them clean their vaginas with intimate washes. Isn’t it?

Intimate wash, readily accessible on the market, is used for vaginal hygiene. They are less dangerous than soap because of the ingredients they contain. On regular days, using an intimate wash might not be problematic. But menstruation is delicate. Is it beneficial for vaginal health to use intimate wash at this time? We’ll get the solution to this question in this article.

Is Intimate wash good during the period?

Using personal wash to clean the vagina during periods is improper. Additionally, using soap can itch the vagina. Intimate wash or soap contains chemicals. The pH of the vagina may decline as a result of these compounds. The skin has a pH of roughly 5.5. The pH of the vagina ranges from 3.5 to 4.5. Infection can result from pH level degradation. However, we should point you that difficulties can also arise from not utilising an intimate wash or soap. Stickiness, burning, and stench are experienced during periods due to bleeding.

What should you do to feel fresher and to work to neutralize odour?

Feminine Wash – Clean your vagina during your period?

A very normal question asked by women is ‘How should I clean my vagina during my period (menstrual)? To understand this, first, we should know about a feminine wash.

What is a feminine wash?

Feminine washes are gentle cleansing solutions that are applied to the vulva or the exterior of your vagina. The inner and outer labia, the clitoris, and the urethral opening are all part of the vulva. Vaginal washes can help you feel fresher by reducing or neutralising odours.

Natural way to cleanse your vagina during your period

  • To clean the vaginal area, use lukewarm water. During periods, improper vaginal washing should be avoided.
  • Always clean the vagina from the front to the back. Infection from bacteria entering the bladder or urinary tract might result from washing from back to front.
  • After wiping the vagina with water, wipe it again with fresh tissue to remove any moisture.
  • You can also use unscented baby wipes to clean the vagina. Use baby wipes to clean the vagina exclusively on the outside. The inside area should not be touched with wipes. baby wipes are used to remove vaginal odour.

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How can I avoid vaginal infection during my period?

  • Periods cause hormonal changes in the body. You are susceptible to infection during this period. Take extra precautions with a few items to prevent infections.
  • Alternate the pads frequently. Long-term use of wet pads increases the risk of infection.
  • Avoid consuming excessive amounts of fatty, junk food, or sugary foods during periods to maintain vaginal health.
  • During this time, don’t forget to take a regular bath. Keep the vaginal area as tidy and dry as possible.
  • Maintain a nutritious diet and consume more water.

Using intimate wash during menstruation must be avoided. Maintain cleanliness at times. To clean the vagina, use simple or lukewarm water, and make an effort to keep it dry.


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