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Herbal Remedies For Hot Flashes

Many women are understandably looking for a natural hot flash herbal remedy alternative. But before we discuss a herb for hot flashes or the hot flash remedy, let’s address what is hot flashes?

A Hot Flash is a brief feeling of warmth or “heat” that many women suffer before, during, or after menopause. Hot flashes are caused by blood flow disturbances that result from hormonal changes. The duration, frequency, and intensity of hot flashes vary widely among women.

Black Cohosh – A Super Herb for Hot Flash Remedy

Black Cohosh has become world-renowned as an effective hot flash herbal remedy.

What is black cohosh?

Black cohosh has been used as a hot flash remedy since the Native Americans freely roamed North America and identified many of its therapeutic properties. It is a plant that belongs to the buttercup family, but only the roots of the plant are harvested for use as a herb for a hot flash.

In addition, black cohosh is also famous for its ability to relieve other symptoms associated with menopause, such as menstrual cramps and night sweats.

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How does black cohosh work as the hot flashes remedy

Suppose you’re wondering how this herb for hot flashes, black cohosh, actually works as a hot flash remedy. In that case, many experts believe its therapeutic properties come from an ability to diminish the levels of a hormone that is produced by the body in higher amounts during menopause. The increase of this hormone–called luteinizing hormone–is postulated as one of the causes of hot flashes and other menstrual symptoms.

Black Cohosh, aside from its frequent use as a hot flash herbal remedy, is also noted for its ability to alleviate the symptoms of PMS.

Precautions for Black Cohosh

The use of black cohosh as a hot flash herbal remedy should be avoided during pregnancy and nursing. Moreover, it may interfere with the functioning of certain types of prescription medications, such as birth control.

You should consult your physician before using black cohosh.

All in all, though, black cohosh is considered a very safe herb for hot flashes and has no known toxicity. Many women are turning to black cohosh as a hot flash remedy alternative to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), which has many negative side effects, such as substantially increasing the risk of getting breast and ovarian cancers.

Suggested Product with Black Cohosh

It is extremely important that any hot flash herbal remedy supplement you buy uses only standardized extracts of black cohosh and that the product is manufactured at a GMP-compliant facility.

Standardized extracts contain the highest amount of active ingredients, which are responsible for the herb’s medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Pharmaceutical GMP-compliant facilities ensure that the black cohosh hot flash remedy is produced under the strictest regulatory environment for dietary supplements.

Studies by consumer protection parties have shown that consumers only have a 1 in 5 chance of buying a product with the number of ingredients stated on the label or one that does not harbor contaminates otherwise.

Lastly, be sure that your black cohosh herb product for hot flash remedies does not contain cheap fillers and additives.

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