Quit Smoking : Regain the Healthy Life

 Quit Smoking : Regain the Healthy Life

If you are trying to overcome your smoking habit, this is the site for you. You can visit the Beating Smoking website to find in-depth articles about smoking and its consequences, newsletters, tips, and most valuable of all, information about a clinical research study for smoking cessation.

This trial has the acronym, EAGLES, which stands for Evaluating Adverse Effects in a Global Smoking Cessation Study. The study has research centers throughout the country and is open to smokers from ages 18 to 75 years who are motivated to stop smoking. It is well known that smoking causes or contributes to many diseases.

Smoking affects every organ of the body, so the sooner you stop smoking, the better your health will be. Children of smokers suffer from the same toxins as the smoker and are prone to respiratory problems, ear infections, and behavior problems as well as other problems. If health concerns do not deter you from smoking, perhaps financial factors will.

The website has a smoking calculator that shows you exactly how much you are spending on your habit. This realization may be just what you need to decide to overcome the habit that costs you so much in terms of both health and money.
Let the information at Beating Smoking help you regain the healthy life that you deserve.

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