The Best Way to Lose Weight Prepare to succeed

 The Best Way to Lose Weight Prepare to succeed

So you want to lose weight? Don’t be tempted to jump straight into the fruit bowl and head down to the gym. Although we love your enthusiasm, but dieting is not as simple as eat less, exercise more, it takes real determination, perseverance and a plan of attack.

Start by asking yourself why you want to achieve weight loss and also why you have put it on in the first place. You must always keep this at the forefront of your mind to keep you spurred on, because there will be some hard times ahead when you will need some motivation.

Recognise the changes that you need to make, being entirely honest about what you eat, how much you eat and the exercise you do. If in doubt about nutrition there are many resources available on the Maxitone website to point you in the right direction.

Look into different diet and exercise programmes. Consider your schedule and be realistic about what you can achieve. When looking through diet plans always be aware of those that make promises that seem too good to be true, they usually are!

When you have found a plan that meets your needs always consult with your Doctor/ Nutritionist/ Trainer. Discuss realistic weight loss and time frames, about 1-2lbs a week is considered a safe rate to lose weight.

A proven key to success is by setting and writing down your goals. Include short term goals to reward yourself and keep you motivated. Have a specific start date and begin from there to keep a food and exercise diary.

It may seem drastic but it is time to de-junk your kitchen. Throw away unhealthy food that might veer you off your path and replenish with fresh, vibrant food, keeping it as imaginative as possible. It is unrealistic (and a bit depressing!) to think you will never have a chocolate biscuit again so instead of completely depriving yourself, allow for a couple of small treats a week, this will prevent you binging and will assist in making your diet work long term.

Surrounding yourself with supportive, like-minded people such as going to the gym, running groups, and support groups will help to keep you motivated and let you know that you are not alone.

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