The Importance of Self-Reflection and How to Make it a Habit

 The Importance of Self-Reflection and How to Make it a Habit

What is self-reflection: Self-reflection is defined as the ability to know about yourself, your cognitive ability or learning ability, emotional processes, and behavioral process. William James used another term for self-reflection, named, reflective awareness, and consciousness.   

The importance of self-reflection:

It is important to know about your own capability, and your character, which means about self-reflection. You should know what pros and cons you have, what needs to be corrected, how much time you learn something, what thing you get attracted to, what is right, or wrong in your language, and how you react in easier and the toughest situation, how much are you patient or impatient, etc. you should know everything about you so that you can correct things in yourself, and influence others by your nature. If your nature is lovable, understanding, caring, behave maturely in a particular situation, adventurous at the same time, and makes you attractive, you can make friends easily and can make close bonds with them.    

Tips for how to make self-reflection a habit:

There are various ways of making self-reflection your habit or permanent lifestyle change if you want to make it. Here are as follows:

1. Rule of 21/90 days:

Follow the 21/90 days rule. In this rule, 21 days are defined to make a habit, and then 90 days are included to make the permanent changes in the lifestyle of an organism, this is totally acceptable when these days are followed in a continuous manner not in a discontinuous manner.

2. Be patient:

If you are not so emotional or strong as well in handling the situation, try to understand the situation of the other person, so that you can carry the change in you. If you are too impatient, then try to be quiet, and patient, do not react so soon. It will take some time to adapt yourself but you can do it.  

3. Correct your sleeping and waking up routine:

If you wake up late in the morning and then sleep early at night, avoid caffeine or food products that become the reason for lacking sleep. Sometimes we do not realize the side effects of something that is not right doing, but it shows the symptoms slowly. Like insomnia, and other sleeping problems, it comes from an unhealthy lifestyle, and these increasing problems automatically encourage you to apply a healthy lifestyle or a habit.

4. Stay connected with nature:

Stay attached to nature when you do jogging in the morning, do not skip a day until it is too necessary because nature helps you in breathing fresh, and keeps you away from respiration, and lung problems.    

5. Follow your passion:

Make time for yourself to pursue your field of interest to make your life interesting and adventurous. Do practice your hobby on a regular basis, so that you will not feel bored, irritated, etc.

6. Reading:

Keep reading about novels, journals, and gratitude journals, you can also read holy books that taught you the real meaning of life, what to do in every situation, and how to handle it, so many morals are explained in every page of the book. You can learn so many great things or can influence others too to do that so that they can feel inner peace too.

7. Social connections and friends:

If you have a group of friends, most of the time they know in which direction you are going like in a right pathway or wrong, they will make you stop again and again if you are going on the wrong pathway, they will try to solve your problems, there is nothing wrong in learning something useful from others. So try to adapt the new things, if they are trying to correct something in you, adapt that thing in you if it is in a positive way. Make an effort to make new friends, or social connections so that you stay updated about everywhere, and do not let you feel lonely.  

8. Stay away from distractions:

If you are attempting something new, or want to pursue a habit of yours in the form of a career, like singing, dancing, or want to become an athlete, cricketer, etc. it is hard to accept that thing in normal families, or by society. They say a lot of negative points about yourself, or about pursuing your career in these, so stay away from distractions and negative comments by others, once you achieve big, those negative comments will be changed into positive ones. Ensures them that you can do something good in life in these careers, show them some examples, like Neeraj Chopra who is an athlete, bring a gold medal to the Nation, Sania Mirza, PV Sindhu, Chef Vikas Khanna, etc. 

  • Use the limit of natural resources so that they will also come into use for future generations.
  • Try to remind the whole day at night before sleep because it is a necessary thing to do. This thing helps you in making your mind sharp and somehow teaches you that have done something right or something wrong. If you have done something wrong, then think about the situation and try to avoid this mistake next time.
  • You can also write a diary, and try to figure out something new to learn to make your life exciting.
  • Talk to yourself once a day whether it is the morning, afternoon, or night.
  • Explore yourself with new things. These all things and many more are included in the self-reflection that makes your day happy, and sometimes sad too. There is no age limit to learning something new, always try to update yourself in every manner, and accept this as a habit in your life, and if it is too important then make it permanent. 

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