The Art of Self-Care: How to Prioritize Yourself in a Busy World

 The Art of Self-Care: How to Prioritize Yourself in a Busy World

What is self-care and priority?: Self-care is defined as the process of establishing your own by knowing holistic character which means individual taking care of his physical, and mental health both, as social factors of an individual or by knowing their illness state and everything about their lifestyle that is been improved by the individual on this basis. Priority is defined as putting something on the first position in your list which should be considered before anything else. Give priority to yourself over others.  

Why self-care and prioritizing yourself is essential?

In our busy life schedules, we almost have forgotten to take care of ourselves. Everybody is changing their proper routine to the unbalanced lifestyle that brings so many negative things to their lives. A busy schedule is carried by an individual’s office work schedule, household work, and indoor and outdoor work, kids too have extended school timings and bags filled with too many books carrying the baggage of heavy homework. Apart from the busy schedule, individuals are now becoming lazier due to their lifestyle, and that brings too many diseases. Every hobby seems to become lying down on the bed which affects their physical and mental health.

Doing self-care and prioritizing yourself makes you feel special and confident. It keeps you away from negativity and all the other problems that affect your body including physical and mental health. So, it is essential to do self-care and put yourself on priority.

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Hobbies that affect your health:

  1.   Irregular sleep routine
  2.   Irregular circadian rhythm/ sleep-wake cycle
  3.   Unhealthy food eating habits
  4.   Laziness
  5.   Excessive use of digital devices
  6.   Use of digital device before bed
  7.   Loneliness
  8.   By not doing physical and mental health exercises, etc.

These are some reasons that affect your health that brings sleep disorders, unhealthy lifestyle, stomachache, food poisoning, eye pain, irritation, depression, anxiety, worries, physically unfit, weakness in bones, weight gain, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. To get rid of all these problems we should take care of ourselves and should put ourselves on priority.      

Tips for self-care and prioritizing yourself in a busy world:

Here are the tips to prioritize yourself in this busy world, so that you can take your self-care.

Love Yourself

Firstly, for self-care, you have to love your body to give extra attention to yourself. We should change our lifestyle which starts with the sleep-wake cycle/ biological clock/ circadian rhythm.

Put an Alarm clock

Put an alarm clock to wake up early but if you sleep early on time then it is not necessary to put an alarm because if you do something daily, your brain automatically signals you to do that work at an exact time due to sleeping patterns in the circadian rhythm.

Sleep on time

Sleep on time and waking up on time makes your day perfect, complete your maximum 8 hours of sleep in a day mainly from 10 pm to 6 am, which is also known as good sleep. Lack of sleep brings different problems and diseases, namely, insomnia, depression, anxiety, worries, headache, obesity, tiredness, etc.

Physical and mental health exercises

It is necessary to take care of yourself by doing physical and mental health exercises to make you fit and calm by mind, and body too. In recent times, people are becoming lazier, especially after covid pandemic, and due to working from home. They have to sit the whole day for work which leads to weight gain. Due to the heavy workload, they are not doing exercises which is the key to a self-care routine.

Do proper exercise like jogging, yoga, meditation, laughter sessions, gym, aerobics, Zumba, etc. And, if these things feel boring you can pursue your hobbies like playing outdoor games such as badminton, volleyball, football, cricket, swimming, Zumba classes, dancing, hockey, table tennis, etc. anything you are interested in. All these things make you look fit and your day will be full of positivity and makes a strong immune system, keeping you away from the diseases like cardiovascular diseases, mental stress, etc.

Healthy food

Nowadays, people are consuming unhealthy food like junky food- water balls, processed and convenience food that contain too much fat, carbohydrates, sugar, etc. which is harmful to their health. People avoid making food at home as it consumes time by ordering food online that contains too much spice, and oil. And these eating habits make you fat, weaker from the inside, weak metabolism, and weaker immune system, and those people who eat an excessive amount of junk food bring too many diseases at a faster rate and take too much time to recover from the disease.

So, we should eat healthy and organic food. Plant-based recipes that consume less time, veggie sandwiches, fruits such as kiwi, papaya, watermelon, orange, sweet lemon, pineapple, banana, mango, apple, peach, plum, etc. that contain high nutrition, vitamins, fibers, essential acids, etc. We should have vegetables like bottle gourd, sponge gourd, spinach, fenugreek leaves, ladyfinger, etc. we can also make oatmeals that are fiber-rich if we are too much busy we can make overnight oatmeals, do prep one day before at night when you have time, etc.

Social connections and friends

Making social connection and friends make you feel good after the long day schedule, make your mind stress-free, and sharing problems with friends and family gives you solutions to your worries. Take a walk after coming from the office, and a hectic day.

Avoid digital device usage

Avoid excess digital device usage which leads to eye pain, teary eyes, and headaches, avoid usage before bed at night which lowers the melatonin level and can affect your sleep. It is a wastage of time, just use these devices for the positive impacts like you can learn anything from the internet, and pursue your hobbies, various teaching apps, and learning apps are available, these are also the earning source, so make the best use of it instead of doing time waste.

Avoid coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes just before bed

Avoid coffee before bed which is the reason for late night sleep. Avoid alcohol, beer, cigarettes, whiskey, rum, etc. which affects your health.

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