The Role of Hobbies and Creative Pursuits in a Balanced Lifestyle

 The Role of Hobbies and Creative Pursuits in a Balanced Lifestyle

Definition of hobby:

A hobby is defined as the activities that we do on a regular basis for our enjoyment, or to make our day better, stress-free, etc. Hobbyists can be divided into three categories: casual leisure, serious leisure, and volunteer leisure. Leisure is the free time in which you want to use that time.   

Role of hobbies in our life:

Hobbies such as singing, dancing, gym, reading books, novels, swimming, cooking, baking, reading newspapers, driving, food eating in variety, playing indoor games such as chess, carom board, comedy, acting, roasting others in a healthy way, outdoor games like volleyball, badminton, gardening, archery, journaling, hiking, rope climbing, bungee jumping, pottery, trekking, learning new languages, writing articles, painting, drawing, woodwork, and many more are included in the hobbies which have the main aim to make our life interesting and reduces our stress, keeps you busy all the time. So, hobbies are the only way to enhance yourself.  

Benefits of hobbies, or some creative pursuits in a balanced lifestyle:

Hobbies play a major role in our life that also changes our life in an interesting way. Creative pursuits mean that creating or doing something new to make our life interesting. These are as follows:

  1. Making friends: Hobbies have a great role or impact in our life which boost our lifestyle with some creative skills that makes us different from other. Making yourself different and full of skills attracts more people towards you that helps in making friends easily.
  2. Keeps you away from problems: When a person is too busy and wants to distract his mind after coming home, after taking some rest, he can do something that he likes to do that comes under hobbies. It makes a person healthier, reduces stress, keeps happy, away from depression, and anxiety, and pushes towards self-care. If you are alone, and you though nothing is there to do, then try to do something creative, a hobby, which keeps you busy all the time, and keeps you away from negative thoughts.  
  3. Hobby as the earning source: Hobbies nowadays become the earning source as we can see on our social media, some people just grab a hobby and influence people with their skills, and they started earning. If you are not educated much and want to earn by doing something interesting in your life then you can easily do this by enhancing your skills. For example, if you want to become a dance teacher, then you can easily do publicity through social media on which most people are active in recent days. You can also put dance workshops online or can teach students through various video calling apps.
  4. We can see some students also following their passion to make it their earning source while pursuing their degrees. Through this, they not only follow their hobby but also spend their college expenses, study expenses, forms filling expenses, etc. Everything they want to buy, they were doing on their own without any help from their family or others.
  5. People nowadays, quit their jobs to pursue their hobbies as a career when they do not like doing 9 to 5 jobs. And, earning twice what they earn in their office job, they not only quit jobs for more earning but because of their high interest. For example, a person whose channel is on Youtube named, Flying Beast, Gaurav Taneja made this channel, he became a pilot after cracking the IIT exam, but he quit his career and became a fitness blogger, he chooses his hobby over the proper educational career. Various famous people who were doing studies quit from there and chooses to pursue their careers in acting, etc.   
  6. Some adventuring hobbies: We can take a break from work for some days to refresh our minds, and with this, we can also pursue our hobbies like traveling, and adventuring, we can make blogs on food, or location, and can have different experiences on the trip, which can add fun to the trip.
  7. Skill enhancing hobbies: The hobby of reading enhances your reading ability, spoken ability, communication skills, and writing skills, learning new words, and enhances knowledge also. So, sometimes it is good to follow your hobby. Reading positive thoughts from novels, freedom fighter’s novels, etc. leads to good sleep, and keeps your mind always positive.
  8. Traveling, trekking, hiking, jogging, etc. makes you a fitness freak and keeps you attracted to nature. Nature helps you to breathe well, show love to nature then nature will love you back, these hobbies make your life adventurous also.  
  9. Hand skills: Sometimes, following your hobby turns into passion like if you make jewelry at home, do nail art, design, stitch your clothes on your own, photograph, make up, etc. all of these you do at home, and you can also earn by selling these on online platforms. By doing this you ultimately follow your passion and can also earn from this.  
  10. Housewife skills: If you are a housewife and do not have much time to do the job on a regular basis, and you have an interesting hobby of cooking then you can open your cooking or baking classes at home, you can provide the service of tiffin, can open your online business, and also can sell your food through online apps. That is how you can be creative.  
  11.  If you are getting bored at home, then you can watch movies, chill on Netflix, prime videos, and many other apps, play video games, can go for an adventure like paintballs, bowling, and paint night, if you are a poetry lover then you can write something interesting and make poetries.
  12. If you have enough time then you can learn different languages through online platforms, you can learn hairstyles and makeup, you can also do skincare for yourself and your family members, you can also decorate your room, can make scrapbooks, etc. anything you want to do creatively considered as your hobby.

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