Triathlon Race Day Tips

 Triathlon Race Day Tips

It takes a special athlete to race in a triathlon. Not everyone can swim, bike, and run for an extended period of time all in succession. There are many things that go into a triathlete’s performance, including his or her gear, the proper equipment, and accessories, and the right nutrition and supplements.

Training for a triathlon and keeping yourself at the proper performance level takes time and effort, so the last thing you need to do is spend valuable training and racing time shopping for the right gear.

Triathlon Accessories offers several valuable accessories that are a good idea to have with you if you’re competing in a triathlon. They include:

  • A good pair of goggles for your swim
  • A swim cap if you want to keep your hair tightly tucked away and reduce drag
  • A comfortable and safe bike helmet
  • A tool kit for your bike in case you need to make some quick adjustments or repairs
  • A baseball cap or sunglasses can be helpful in blocking the sun while you run
  • A comfortable pair of running shorts

Many of these accessories are not must-have items in order to compete in a triathlon, however, they can be very helpful to you as you battle each leg of this grueling competition. The right accessories at the right time can make a big difference in your performance.

Triathlon Equipment And Gear

The first thing you’ll need for a triathlon is a snug-fitting, comfortable wetsuit for your swim. Make sure you select something that fits you just right and helps reduce drag while you’re in the water. As soon as you get out of the water, it’s time to get on that bike.

You can’t use just any bike for a triathlon. You need a racing bike, and you need to make sure that it’s adjusted properly. The seat, the handlebars, and the crank should all fit you. For the final leg of the race, the most important piece of equipment is your shoes.

A good, sturdy pair of running shoes with the proper cushion and fit is the key ingredient for your triathlon run. A good pair of running socks is also a must-have. Having the right triathlete gear can make a huge difference in where you finish.

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Triathlon Nutrition And Supplements

Like any other sport, a triathlon requires a competitor to be in top physical shape. A big part of that comes from eating right and using the proper supplements to help you build your strength, as well as your endurance.

If you train hard but don’t get the proper nutrition, you won’t be able to reach your performance goals. You should be able to find helpful nutrition plans and supplements at a triathlon store.

All Your Triathlon Needs In One Place

As you can see there are a lot of things to consider for your triathlon performance. Remember, training is only half the battle. Being prepared with the proper gear and clothing is the other half. Don’t short your performance, get it right from the start.

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