Sexual Intimacy: Understanding Why Women Lose Interest in it

 Sexual Intimacy: Understanding Why Women Lose Interest in it

Sexual Intimacy: Why do women lose interest in sexual intimacy? To some, the loss of interest in sexual intimacy is attributed to aging; to some, it’s the effect of stress; while others believe that it can also be because one has “fallen out of love”. But really, what could be the real reason behind why some women, at a certain age, and at a certain point in their lives, experience a significant loss of interest in sexual intimacy? Could there be a scientific or medical explanation behind this? Let’s find out.

Medically, the loss of interest in sexual intimacy especially in women is termed female sexual dysfunction, and the reason for the loss can be physical or psychological. For the physical causes, according to medical and health experts, women may experience four (4) types of physical intimacy problems which often cause or leads to the loss of interest in

Physical Reason/Cause

The first and most common is when a woman experiences pain during the most intimate relationship between her and her partner. The discomfort, or in worst cases the pain, felt or experienced during the intimate act makes the whole experience unpleasant and agonizing; something a woman would prefer to avoid than is involved in.

The second problem that many women experience is the failure to experience orgasm or anorgasmia. This can also be described as the failure or inability to reach or experience sexual climax. To women who have experienced sexual climax before, the failure to experience it again can be very frustrating. When this is experienced frequently, this can lead to a loss of interest in sexual intimacy.

Unfortunately, some women may also experience failure to become sexually aroused. Health experts say that one possible cause is the lack of vaginal lubricant which is instrumental in making the whole experience pleasant and enjoyable. One reason given why some women experience this is the body’s inability to produce normal, healthy vaginal lubricant. The reason? Not enough stimulation; or it can also be caused by aging, especially when a woman is going through menopause. It can also be caused by blood flow problems affecting the woman’s sexual organs.

Repressed sexual desire is also recognized as another cause for the lack of interest in sexual intimacy. In many situations, women are stressed out and the last thing on their minds is intimacy with their partners. In such conditions, sleep or a relaxing massage is much preferred. Another possible reason recognized by many health experts is the fact that women get tired of “doing the same thing the same way over and over again”.

Psychological Reason/Cause

When women are stressed out, physically tired, and drained, anxiety comes in. What follows, if not dealt with accordingly, is depression. Depression can greatly affect a woman’s desire or interest in sexual intimacy. Other psychological factors also include problems with spouses or marital problems. Guilt feelings can also have a negative effect on intimacy.

Physical Reason/Cause

These are just some of the most common causes or reasons why women lose interest in sexual intimacy. If you know someone experiencing such, it is best to let them see a doctor for help. There is help available, and this problem can easily be remedied.

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