Pregnancy Complications: Understanding Yeast Infection In Pregnant Women

 Pregnancy Complications: Understanding Yeast Infection In Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Complications: Being pregnant can worsen the development of yeast infection in women, and the condition is most likely to accelerate during the second trimester. This is because a woman’s body is vastly going through hormonal and chemical changes, as estrogen increases. Meanwhile, the vaginal area becomes quite vulnerable and susceptible to fungus attacks. At this time, secretions in the vagina can increase as the body is processing more sugar which yeast loves to feed off.

Symptoms And Treatment Of Yeast Infection

If you are pregnant and suspect that you have a yeast infection, it’s best to seek the advice of the doctor first before doing anything. This is to ascertain that the condition is not some other health problem that may affect the pregnancy.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection While Pregnant

The symptoms of a yeast infection are actually similar even when a woman is not pregnant. Vaginal discharge is more than normal and may be a source of discomfort. It is characterized as cottage cheese-like in texture or appearance and may smell like bread. Some itching and redness may also occur in the lips of the vagina.

Treatment of Yeast Infection While Pregnant

Obviously, any type of medication or antibiotic requires a physician’s approval and cannot just be taken internally. But there are doctor-recommended vaginal creams pregnant women can use to get rid of the condition.

There are also a number of natural, herbal remedies that are deemed safe. But since conditions are quite different when a woman is pregnant, any type of treatment, even herbal ones, must be discussed with the doctor to get a clearance. If the infection is not treated, there’s a possibility the pregnant woman can pass this on to the baby when she delivers. Treatment usually lasts about two weeks.

Preventing Yeast Infection In Pregnant Women

  • Most pregnant women, particularly those in their 30’s may be told by their doctors to avoid sugar, as this not only promotes its growth, it may also lead to the development of gestational diabetes.
  • Wearing cotton breathable underpants can help lessen the chances of yeast infection from recurring. Since a woman is already pregnant, loose and comfortable clothing would be very ideal.
  • Drink plenty of water to cleanse the body and remove toxins.
  • Get enough rest. It’s the body’s way of fighting lots of infections. Since a pregnant woman is actually taking nourishment for two people, she will need all the sleep and rest she can get.
  • As a preventive measure, include sugar-free yogurt in the diet to help the body restore its natural chemistry, especially in the vaginal area. Regularly eating yogurt while pregnant, and perhaps during the breastfeeding stage, is also good for your baby, as she can avoid developing yeast infection or thrush.

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