Uttanpadasana: Steps, Benefits, and Rules For Raised Leg Pose

 Uttanpadasana: Steps, Benefits, and Rules For Raised Leg Pose

uttanpadasana pose

Uttanpadasana: The word Uttanpadasana is made up of three Sanskrit words ‘Uttan’, ‘Pada’ and ‘Asana’. Uttan is made of two Sanskrit words; i.e. ‘ut’ and ‘tan. “Utta” means “to raise”, “tan” means “to stretch”, and “pada” means “feet”. In this way, Uttanapadasana means lifting legs by stretching them. The posture is made by lying on the seat and lifting the legs above the ground, it is called Uttanpadasana. Uttanapadasana is called the ‘raised feet pose’ or ‘raised leg pose’ in English.

Uttanpadasana Steps

How to perform uttanpadasana pose

Firstly, stretch the toes forward and then pull the claws towards the knees, doing it both ways creates tension in the nerves and heat in the feet.

  • Lie straight on the ground on the back, both legs should be together.
  • Leave the body relaxed. Keep the palms steady on the ground.
  • While inhaling, slowly raise both legs straight towards the sky.
  • Take it to 30 degrees and hold your breath. Stay as long as you can comfortably.
  • While exhaling, slowly bring the feet to the ground.
  • While inhaling raise the legs up and make an angle of 60 degrees. Hold your breath and stop for as long as you can.
  • While exhaling, bring the feet to the ground. Leave the body relaxed.


The action of Ardha-Uttanpadasana takes place in this sequence.

In this gradually raise one leg making an angle in the same way and bringing it down. This is called Ardha-uttanapadasana.

For how long should we do Uttanpadasana?

  • Three frequencies, three minutes.
  • Dwell time, ten seconds.
  • Increase the time gradually after practice, looking at your ability.
  • Those who have enough time can apply more frequency and time.

Caution while doing Uttanapadasana Pose

  • While taking the legs up or bringing them back towards the ground, keep them taut and straight.
  • This posture puts pressure on the muscles of the abdomen and legs, so do not bring the feet to the ground with a jerk.
  • While moving up, move slowly.
  • Return patiently in the same way at the time of return.

Health impact of Uttanpadasana Pose

  • Different abdominal organs – stomach, liver, spleen, large intestine and small intestine are especially affected by Uttanapadasana.
  • This center of the navel, which is called Manipur Chakra in yoga, is known as Tejas center, it is highly influenced by this asana.
  • The navel center is also called the navel tuber. The defect of 72 thousand pulses gathered on the navel starts to be mitigated by this.
  • If for some reason the center of the navel moves up and down, here and there, then various types of diseases like dysentery, indigestion, constipation, weakness and fear etc. start arising from it. With Uttanapadasana, the navel tuber gets re-centred at its place.
  • After examining the navel center, other asanas are also used for posture, the main ones being Ustrasana, Chakrasana, and Matsyasana. With these, the navel tuber cannot move here and there. Uttanpadasana is a simple and best asana to get rid of navel-related diseases.

Uttanpadasana impact on glands

The glands especially affected by Uttanpadasana are – Adrenal and Gonads. The adrenal glands are located above the kidneys. They have a couple. A chemical called cortin emerges from its outer cortex. It maintains parity in the salts of the blood. Balances sugar metabolism. More secretion of the adrenal leads to more excitement.

If Uttanpadasana is practised daily for 3 to 5 minutes, then regulation of adrenal secretions starts. The person’s nature becomes calm and healthy. The gonads are also affected by Uttanpadasana. When the feet are brought down, at that time there is a stretch at the place below the navel. The mind also gets focused there. This makes the spermatic cord healthy and helps in the development of celibacy.

Uttanapadasana Prohibition

  • Those who have back pain, or slip disc problems, should not do this asana without the permission of the instructor.
  • To remove constipation, do not take laxatives like paraffin and castryl again and again. Due to this, there is a possibility of damage to the digestive system and intestines.

Benefits of Uttanapadasana (Raised leg pose benefits)

  • Digestion will be fine.
  • The juice in the liver starts to become equal.
  • While doing Uttanpadasana, mainly the legs are raised. There is a contraction in the muscles of the legs, due to which the sensation and pain in the legs subside.
  • While returning while doing Uttanpadasana, at that time the Nabhichakra starts coming in a balanced state.
  • Troubled by back pain, do this asana with each leg, and you will get special benefits.

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